TF2 is one of the longest-running online shooters in the history of the genre, with many significant changes introduced over the years that span the game’s existence. The game has revolutionized Steam by introducing inventories and trading, as well as many different game modes that came and gone over the years. Perhaps the most important things that were added to Team Fortress 2 over time were the different weapons, which players can unlock and use to dominate others in online matches.

Since the introduction of inventories, which allowed players to change the vanilla weapons of every class, there were many new items added to the game. Still, not many of them can compete with the one Spy weapon that every TF2 player wants to have for themselves, the Black Rose knife. Here’s what you need to know about this legendary TF2 item.

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Black Rose Knife – What You Need To Know

The Black Rose knife is an item that was released as a form of promotion for the game ‘Alliance of Valiant Arms’. The knife itself doesn’t have any effects and is simply a replacement for the vanilla knife. It has the same stats as the normal Spy knife, and can be used to unlock any of the achievements, which require you to use a normal knife. When you taunt with the Black Rose Knife equipped, your character will perform the usual fencing taunt, dealing the same amount of damage.

Black Rose knife is an achievement item, which can be unlocked for completing the ‘1st one down’ achievement in the Alliance of Valiant Arms. The achievement is actually very easy to complete, and only requires the player to create a character in-game. This means that virtually any player who owned the game and played it for a couple of minutes could get a Black Rose knife of their own. As soon as players completed the achievement, the knife would be added to their TF2 inventory and they would be informed about this whenever they started the game next time.

The Black Rose knife comes in two styles, ‘Mystery and True Love’ and ‘Baccara’. The former comes in different colors, depending on the team you’re playing at the moment. The Baccara finish comes in a traditional, black matte color, and doesn’t change its look no matter the team you’re on.

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How To Unlock The Black Rose Knife In TF2

If you want to get a Black Rose knife of your own, we’ve got some sad news. The Black Rose knife is no longer obtainable in Team Fortress 2. The reason behind this is that the Alliance of Valiant Arms has been removed from Steam, and the users can no longer unlock the achievement which would give them the knife. Sadly, the achievement was the only way you could add this weapon to your account. Although Alliance of Valiant Arms was later re-released under a different name of ‘A.V.A. Global’, the achievement that unlocked the Black Rose knife was no longer available.

While the original Alliance of Valiant Arms was going offline, Valve announced that the Black Rose knife would become tradable on April 18th, 2012. Sadly, this information was put in the patch notes erroneously, and the knife has in fact never become tradable. The information was consequently removed from the blog, and to this day there are no methods of unlocking the Black Rose knife, if you didn’t manage to get it while the achievement was available.

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To Sum Up

Black Rose knife became a symbol of status amongst Spy players, and signifies that the person that holds it is a long-time veteran of the game. While it’s no longer obtainable through any means, if you’re the lucky owner of this weapon, you can definitely count yourself amongst the TF2 elite.

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