Team Fortress 2 offers players many types of customization. It was the first Steam game that included cosmetic items and an extensive economy. Over the years there have been many items added to the game, both hats and weapons which you can use to replace the default equipment of all classes.

Since there were so many items added to the game, some of them were cheap while other items more rare or expensive. None of them however, are as unique as the device known as Conscientious Objector

What’s The Conscientious Objector?

In real life, a conscientious objector is a term used to refer to a person who refuses to go into military service on the ground of their own personal beliefs. During the XXth century, many countries had entire organizations dedicated only to conscientious objectors and their cause.

If you know anything about TF2 humor, you probably know that the most important man in the Team Fortress universe, Saxton Hale, absolutely hates pacifists. Because of this, the game has many different items which ridicule the idea of pacifism and any measure taken for peace.

The item in TF2 known as a conscientious objector is actually a reference to these political movements. Conscientious objectors were protesting and picketing in front of important public service buildings and the military officer responsible for military mobilization. This weapon actually references this, resembling a sign straight out of a protest or a picket line. The obvious irony here is that in TF2 it will be used to kill others.

How Does The Conscientious Objector Work?

The Conscientious Objector can be used in place of the default melee weapon for all classes, except for Spy and Engineer. For other classes, the Conscientious Objector will be used in place of their normal melee weapon. This change is purely cosmetic, and doesn’t affect any damage, animation or taunts.

The frame of the sign on the top of the Conscientious Objector shows the TF2 logo by default in the middle. However, the real reason why Conscientious Objector is such a popular choice is because with the decal tool you can change the content of your sign to virtually any custom image you want. When you have the decal tool in your inventory together with the Conscientious Objector, you can select and use it to replace the banner on this weapon with anything you wish.

Although you can choose anything for the image, bear in mind, that for security reasons the game won’t accept any explicit visuals on the signs. You’re free to change the weapon’s looks and description, but you have to stay within the community guidelines.

How To Get The Conscientious Objector?

Conscientious objector, although extremely popular, isn’t very rare. You can get it with the same method you would get any other item. If you want a Conscientious Objector of your own you can:

  1. Wait For It To Drop

Like many other items in the game, you might receive a copy of the Conscientious Objector whenever you play in a match. Sadly, like many other items that you can get this way, there is no method to predict what drop you will get. However, you should keep in mind that there’s always a chance for you to get a copy of your own every time you’re eligible for a drop.

  1. Craft It

Conscientious Objector can actually be crafted quite easily, provided you have the appropriate resources. You don’t need a lot of items to craft it. All you have to hold in your inventory is a class token of any of the classes which can use the conscientious objector, melee slot token, and a single scrap metal. Combining these in the crafting window should give you a chance to craft the conscientious objector for your inventory.

  1. Buy Or Trade

As you can see waiting for a drop or crafting it are two methods, which take a lot of time and do not guarantee you any success. That is why if you really want a conscientious objector of your own, you will need to either trade for it or purchase it from another player. Thankfully, this weapon is quite cheap and can easily be bought on a marketplace for around $12.38.

In Conclusion

The Conscientious objector is a player’s favorite for a reason, as it gives you immense possibilities for further customization for your TF2 loadouts. If you feel like you might want a conscientious objector of your own, head to OPmarket, where you can find the best deals for the conscientious objector and many other TF2 items.

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