How To Use The Ambassador: TF2 Guide

Many players adore the Spy gameplay in Team Fortress 2, and consider Spy to be their favorite class in the game, mainly thanks to the many flashy moves you can pull off with this character. Spy is mainly known for his impressive takedowns with the powerful backstab, which can easily lead to many big plays. ... Read More

Fixed: TF2 crashing when joining the server

Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular online games in history, and it still remains one of the most popular shooters currently available in the market. The F2P update has only attracted more gamers to TF2 and cemented its status as a cult classic. In addition, Team Fortress 2 was the game that ... Read More

Most Expensive TF2 Items

Like many other Steam games, Team Fortress 2 features many different items that players can use to modify their looks. The game is most famous for its large selection of cosmetic TF2 hats, but over the years Valve has added many other cosmetic items, that allow players to further modify their looks. Cosmetic items aren’t ... Read More

Best TF2 Rocket Launcher For Soldier

Soldier is one of the most popular TF2 classes, both gaming newbies and experienced players. He’s a versatile class, capable of both dealing out lots of damage and quickly maneuvering around the field. Soldier’s loadout allows him to play versatile roles in the game, whether it’s dealing damage or taking objectives. Soldier’s awesome and versatile ... Read More

TF2 Best All Class Hats

TF2 was one of the first games ever to introduce a complex system of trading, crafting and cosmetic items. It was also the first game which has introduced the concept of Steam items and inventory, which has quite obviously stuck well with the platform. Since the update which introduced new items to Team Fortress 2 ... Read More

TF2: Najlepsze czapki dla wszystkich klas

TF2 było jedną z pierwszych gier, które wprowadziły złożony system handlu, craftingu i przedmiotów kosmetycznych. Była to również pierwsza gra, która wprowadziła koncepcję przedmiotów Steam i ekwipunku oraz korzystała z systemu losowych przedmiotów, co stało się klasycznym elementem platformy Steam. Pozwoliła ona graczom na wymianę i sprzedaż przedmiotów TF2 za prawdziwe pieniądze. Odkąd aktualizacja, która ... Read More

How To Use The TF2 Strangifier

Over the years since the game was released, TF2 developers have introduced a large number of different items to the game, with many different ranks and variants. Because of this, Team Fortress 2 quickly became the game of choice for many collectors, who were looking for rare in-game items. Players can have their choice from ... Read More

What Is The TF2 Black Rose Knife?

TF2 is one of the longest-running online shooters in the history of the genre, with many significant changes introduced over the years that span the game’s existence. The game has revolutionized Steam by introducing inventories and trading, as well as many different game modes that came and gone over the years. Perhaps the most important ... Read More

How To Get Tf2 Conscientious Objector

Team Fortress 2 offers players many types of customization. It was the first Steam game that included cosmetic items and an extensive economy. Over the years there have been many items added to the game, both hats and weapons which you can use to replace the default equipment of all classes. Since there were so ... Read More

Golden Frying Pan: Most Expensive TF2 Weapon

Team Fortress 2 was a groundbreaking game, in that it added trading, crafting, and Steam inventories for the first time. The Mann-Conomy update released on the 30th of September 2010 has proven to be one of the most important updates in Steam history, and ever since Valve has released tons of new hats and weapons ... Read More

Dead Ringer: TF2 Spy Guide

Spy is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2 and can constantly harass other players and be a menace to the other team thanks to his invis watch. Spy can not only disguise himself as a member of the enemy team but can also instantly kill any player with his melee weapon ... Read More