Team Fortress 2 was a groundbreaking game, in that it added trading, crafting, and Steam inventories for the first time. The Mann-Conomy update released on the 30th of September 2010 has proven to be one of the most important updates in Steam history, and ever since Valve has released tons of new hats and weapons for players to choose from.

Although there are currently hundreds of weapons available for different classes, none of them have topped the golden frying pan. But why exactly is this item so expensive?

What Is The Golden Frying Pan

The golden version of the standard frying pan, this item can be used to replace the default melee weapon of any class in the game, aside from Engineer and Spy. While the idea of killing someone by hitting them over the head with a frying pan might seem a bit slapstick, it actually fits perfectly in the comedic TF2 aesthetic.

The Standard frying pan doesn’t change anything about the game, aside from the weapon model and the sound of a frying pan hitting a surface with every attack. The animations as well as the hitbox are the same as the default melee weapon for every class. It is also treated the same for the sake of achievements, meaning that for any achievements, which require you to get a kill with a melee weapon, such as Trench Warfare, Lumberjack, and The Scottish Play.

One important detail about the frying pan is that for some classes it completely changes their attack animation and model. Although technically the animation speed, damage, and hitbox remain the same, it’s still somewhat surprising to see a Heavy use a weapon instead of his signature fists. Also, the frying pan doesn’t change your taunt animation, meaning that if you taunt as the Heavy you will still be able to get a kill.

Why Is The Golden Frying Pan So Expensive?

As you can see, the frying pan is a fairly standard item and might seem like it’s not that impressive, compared to other weapons which were released over the years. However, the golden frying pan remains one of the most expensive items in Team Fortress 2, with the unusual versions of this weapon easily reaching up to $6000 and beyond. It might seem strange to place this weapon so high, since it doesn’t add any advantage and simply gives a nice visual effect.

The real appeal of this weapon is that it’s not really made from gold, but rather with the signature mineral resource of the TF2 universe, known as the pure australium. This isn’t only a visual effect though, because every player that you kill with this weapon will turn into a gold statue. Because of this, the golden frying pan doesn’t only stand out in your equipment, but every time you score a kill with this weapon both your enemies and teammates will get to see it commemorated with a short-lived golden statue (the statues created from enemies killed disappear on their respawn).

Although the golden frying pan is impressive by itself, if you really want to have an item that other players will watch with awe, you should get the strange or unusual versions. Both count the enemies killed and this number stays with your weapon between the games. Keep in mind, however, that if you trade away the golden frying pan, the kill counter will reset for its new owner.

Is It Worth Getting The Golden Frying Pan?

If you’re thinking about investing serious money in Team Fortress 2, then the golden frying pan is absolutely your best choice. There is no sign that the specified price for this weapon will ever lower, and if anything players can expect that the golden frying pan will only go up in price. If you can afford to get this item for its listed price, you should absolutely consider getting it. Keep in mind, however, that the Steam marketplace is generally a poor method of purchasing expensive items. That’s why if you’re looking for the golden frying pan, head down to OPmarket and check out what deals you can get.

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