Over the years since the game was released, TF2 developers have introduced a large number of different items to the game, with many different ranks and variants. Because of this, Team Fortress 2 quickly became the game of choice for many collectors, who were looking for rare in-game items. Players can have their choice from different weapons and hats, which also come in many different rarity versions.

One of the most classic categories of items available in the game is strange items. And while they are most commonly opened in weapon crates, there is actually another method of obtaining them. Players who are lucky enough to get their hands on a TF2 strangifier can create strange items of their own.

But how does it work? If you’re looking for answers, here’s all you need to know about the strangifier and strange items in TF2.

What Are Strange Items In Team Fortress 2?

A strange item is a TF2 item that comes with an orange name (with the title ‘strange’ in front of the weapon’s name) and has a rank ascribed to it. Basically, strange items function exactly the same as their normal versions, except the weapon or hat itself measures your progress. Every strange item comes with a counter, which keeps track of things such as kills made with the weapon, or certain other actions performed while wearing a hat.

There is no set collection of strange items, and any item in the game can come in a strange variant. This means that your favorite weapons, hats, and even vanilla items for every class can have their own strange version. However, unlike normal hats and weapons, strange items don’t drop, nor can they be crafted as easily as any other items. There are 5 ways to obtain new strange items in the game:

  • Opening Supply Crate containing the item,
  • Using a Strangifier
  • Earning Botkiller or Australium weapons from Mann Up mode,
  • Redeeming a Strange War Paint for a Decorated weapon,
  • Trading TF2 items

As we mentioned, Strange items track your progress in real-time. In fact, Strange variants of Decorated TF2 items come with an actual counter on the weapon, which shows everyone in-game how far you have progressed. While the weapon or hat will keep track of your progress, the number you have achieved will be lost upon trading the item to another player. This means that if you have a strange sniper rifle and trade it to another player, you will lose all your progress, and the other player will start blank.

Thankfully, you don’t have to part with your score whenever you trade your weapon or hat. The game also features a Strange Count Transfer Tool, which can be bought in the in-game store and allows you to simply transfer your strange count to any other item, featuring the same counter on it. Bear in mind, that if the item you transfer to already features a strange count, it will be lost and replaced with the new one.

What Is The Strangifier?

We mentioned previously, that the Strangifier is one of the ways of obtaining new Strange items in your TF2 inventory. This isn’t exactly true, since the Strangifier doesn’t give you a new item, as much as it simply changes an old one into a Strange version.

In order to use a Strangifier, you need to have the specific Strangifier for the item you want to upgrade. Whenever you get a Strangifier for your inventory, it can be used only on a specific item. Each Strangifier is single use, meaning that when you decide to add the Strange quality to one of your items, the Strangifier is consumed in the process. When you use the Strangifier, your item will remain visually the same. This means that it will retain all of its visual features, such as particles or war paints, and will simply receive the Strange quality. This will additionally add the ‘Strange’ title to its name as well.

To Sum Up

The Strangifier is a very easy and straightforward tool. All you have to do is use it once and you can turn some of your favorite items into even cooler, Strange versions! If you want more TF2 tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog, and if you want to buy TF2 items for the best prices, be sure to check out OPmarket!

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