Best Rust Hazmat Skins

If you’re one of the veteran Rust players with lots of experience, you probably already know that Hazmat suit is easily one of the most efficient and best armor sets available in the game. Taking up only one slot in your inventory, Hazmat suit is a versatile armor, providing resistance, protection and taking up little ... Read More

How To Get Metal Fragments In Rust: Quick Guide

Rust is one of the most popular survival games in its genre, with multiplayer servers able to host up to 100 players competing with each other to survive. In order to do this, you need to be able to complete crafting recipes and craft weapons. But before you can craft your gear and trade Rust ... Read More

Best Rust Skin Combinations

Rust is a game where players try to stay alive, either by cooperating with other players or by taking them out, which also has a huge number of different in-game items and cosmetics. Some of them offer you actual improvements, such as guns or armor. Although there are many item sets, many players choose to ... Read More

How To Get Rust Console Skins?

Rust is a very popular online game and is currently available on multiple platforms. There are some significant differences between the two platforms, many of them more than just mere visual details. The console version of Rust lacks the complex skin economy, that’s available on the PC Steam version. This doesn’t mean, however, that Rust ... Read More

What Are The Most Expensive Rust Skins?

If you’re a die-hard fan of Rust, you know the importance of having unique and expensive rust skins in your inventory. With a highly developed virtual item economy, the Rust skin market often contains skins of incredible value. Players who sell Rust skins can make tons of money by making smart trades and getting lucky ... Read More

How To Check Your Rust Inventory Value?

Like many other Steam games, Rust offers many different skins for the players, some of them often very valuable. Gamers can create their own Rust skin combinations to get a great, personalized look as well. If you’ve been playing Rust for some time you might have received an exceptionally expensive skin, or have simply gathered ... Read More

Best Cheap Rust Skins For 2023

Like other Steam games, Rust features many skins that players can use to modify their looks. Rust gives players a lot of freedom regarding their in-game appearance. Players can buy Rust skins that allow them to modify their armor, weapons, furniture, and base pieces. With so many skins available, it can be difficult to make ... Read More