Like many other Steam games, Rust offers many different skins for the players, some of them often very valuable. Gamers can create their own Rust skin combinations to get a great, personalized look as well. If you’ve been playing Rust for some time you might have received an exceptionally expensive skin, or have simply gathered so many skins in your inventory that you can make extra money by selling them.

Chances are you probably have a larger number of different Rust skins in your inventory now. Before you sell Rust skins, you should learn how much they are worth. Adding up their price manually would be extremely tedious, but there are other methods. Here is a quick guide how to check your Rust inventory value.

What Are Rust Skins?

Like many other games, Rust lets you continuously gather items for your Steam inventory. In Rust, players have access to many different items that they can use to pimp out their character and their base. The game lets players modify almost any part of their looks, as well as the game environment that they create.

The skins in Rust allow players to modify the looks of most items, replacing their default skins with more visually impressive ones. There are countless different clothes that players can select for their character to replace the original shirt and pant combo, allowing them to dress up and mix and match different styles in order to create their own unique look.

Besides the more generic and basic clothes, players can also change the looks of their weapons or armor. Currently, the game has many different skins available for all kinds of guns or armor. With a good choice of Rust skins, you can create amazing loadouts, some crazy and some more cool and fitting with the Rust aesthetic. With Rust skins, you can turn any piece of equipment, especially starting armor and weapons, into awesome-looking items.

The last category of skins includes various camp items, like sleeping bags, and furniture for your Rust base. With Rust skins, players can also modify various details of their base. Skins for Rust include items such as doors, tables, or other pieces of individual furniture. You can turn your base into a fortress or a comfy home, depending on your preferences.

How To Check Your Rust Inventory Value?

As you can see, in Rust you can gather a large number of different skins and items for your Steam inventory. With so many different items to choose from, the total value of your Rust skins can be quite high right now, and only continue to grow in price.

Some Rust skins are worth a lot of money, and chances are you’re sitting on a highly valuable Steam inventory. There are many players who are looking to buy Rust skins, often for high prices. It’s a good idea to be aware of how much your inventory is worth before you attempt trading or selling skins. Sure you can check the individual price of every Rust skin in your Steam inventory, but this would not only be insanely tedious and boring but would also leave you with a possibility of making a mistake.

That is why if you want to check your total Rust inventory value, you should use the services of a Rust inventory value calculator. These websites allow players to easily and quickly calculate the total value of their Rust inventory according to the current Steam marketplace trends.

In order to use a Rust inventory value calculator, all you have to do is log in through Steam on the calculator’s website, access your inventory, and check its price. You will need to do a Steam login, as the website will need access to your Steam inventory. Log-ins like these are safe, however, since you don’t leave your log-in information or any other important details on the website.

Some of the best Rust inventory value calculators currently include:

  • RustStash
  • Steam Inventory Helper

To Sum Up

Rust skins can have some really impressive value. You might even have valuable items in your inventory right now, without knowing about it. If you want to make sure, head over to one of the Rust inventory calculators and check out your total Rust inventory value today. Also, if you ever want to expand your inventory, make sure to visit OPmarket, where you can trade Rust skins for the best prices, always!

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