If you’re a die-hard fan of Rust, you know the importance of having unique and expensive rust skins in your inventory. With a highly developed virtual item economy, the Rust skin market often contains skins of incredible value. Players who sell Rust skins can make tons of money by making smart trades and getting lucky with their deals. From Metal Tree Door to Alien Relic SMG, prices vary according to demand, design quality, and rarity. Today, we bring to your attention the most expensive Rust skins that can help you survive with style in the savage Rust universe.

Metal Tree Door

At the top of our list of the most expensive Rust skin items is the Metal Tree Door. Arguably the most stylish of all Rust skins, it’s not just a simple wooden door, it’s an intricately designed piece featuring an enthralling metal tree artwork. This expensive skin is a great way to showcase your style to anyone, who would want to enter your Rust base. This skin alone can transform your simple wooden door into a delightful work of art, indicating an aesthetic fit for a survival king. With only so many skins available in the Rust community, owning the Metal Tree Door skin truly signifies exclusivity. If you want to add this item to your base, get ready to spend a lot of money. Players who trade Rust skins often demand around $1900 for this item.

Creepy Clown Bandana

Standing second in the line-up of the most expensive rust skins is the Creepy Clown Bandana. Bandana mask skins are very popular in Rust, since most players choose to craft at least one bandana when they start the game. The item doesn’t require a lot of resources, and provides some additional defense early on. Sporting a terrifying image of a creepy clown, this skin isn’t for the faint-hearted. This is not just a simple bandana, but a creepy clown nose grinning with gleaming teeth, enough to send chills down your spine and your opponents running for the hills. The Creepy Clown Bandana is a perfect Rust skin for the players who enjoy a more creepy and scary aesthetic, and if you want one of your own, it will cost you around $474.

Fire Jacket

It might sound surprising that this is one of the most expensive skins in the game, but it’s true. This rare jacket skin can give some major visual improvements to your in-game outfit. This awesome Rust skin replaces your normal jacket with the same one that’s worn by firefighters worldwide, covered with the classic cautionary yellow stripes. It’s also one of the only jacket skins in the game, The Fire Jacket skin is one of the best skins in the game, but if you want to add it to your Steam account, you must be prepared to shell out a pretty penny. This expensive rust skin appears on the steam marketplace with a price tag of $499.

Rust Punishment Mask

Rust players looking to get their hands on the most expensive skin are no strangers to the Punishment Mask. This metal facemask item skin ranks as one of the most expensive Rust skins. It’s a perfect choice if you want to look like a post-apocalyptic raider, combining defenses with a deadly look. It also looks like a skin designed after The Punisher, the infamous anti-hero from Marvel comic books. With its gruesome yet captivating design, its extremely rare availability makes it a prized possession, garnering a hefty price on the steam market. Its one of the rarest skins in Rust, and most expensive one to boot, often going on the Rust market for over $1800.

Alien Relic SMG

One of the most expensive weapon skins released in the game, the Alien Relic SMG is one of the rare skins that almost every player wishes to add to their inventory. This skin created not just for for the custom SMG, is one of the rarer skins in the Rust. The custom SMG is a simple weapon, but it can be devastating up-close, and while it’s not as powerful as the more popular assault rifle, some of the SMG skin costs can be very high. This is the case for the popular Alien Relic SMG skin. Combining the exoticism of alien red color and the gritty reality of SMG, this uniquely expensive rust skin can impress even the most skeptical rust players. You can’t get this item in the Rust store, and it’s only avaialble either from crates, or on the Steam marketplace for over $1845.

Tempered Mask

You might seem surprised to find another metal facemask skin on the list of the most expensive rust skins, but the Tempered Mask. Equally intimidating as the Big Grin, a limited-edition version of the popular Metal Facemask, the Tempered Mask offers equally impressive look, for a slightly lower price. Tempered skins are among some of the most popular in the game, thanks to their anodized look, and this mask will go greatly with a tempered AK in any loadout that’s banking on tempered Rust skin combinations. A Tempered Mask of your own will cost you about $195.

Horror Bag

Closing our list is a sleeping bag skin created as a way to celebrate Halloween in 2015. For many players this overly expensive skin is a bit too much, particularly since it looks like a children’s sleeping bag. It’s definitely lacking the standard military camo that’s a part of the navy SEALS aesthetic, and instead makes you look like a kid who’s out on a camping trip. As silly as it might sound, it’s also one of the most expensive skins in Rust due to its low supply. A Horror Bag of your own can cost over $805.

In Conclusion

With such a wealth of expensive rust skins available across platforms like the Steam Workshop and Rust item store, it’s no surprise players try to collect all these extraordinary skins. From a freshly dug grave skin for the sleeping bag to a fire safety uniform skin for the Plate Carrier Black, players can buy Rust skins that will go great with any style.

Purchase Rust skins not only to show off your status and style but to express your persona in the virtual world of Rust. Whether you’re a fan of the unsettling Horror Bag, the tenebrous Creepy Clown, or the rare Alien Relic SMG skin, there’s something unique for you in Rust.

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