TF2 was one of the first games ever to introduce a complex system of trading, crafting and cosmetic items. It was also the first game which has introduced the concept of Steam items and inventory, which has quite obviously stuck well with the platform.

Since the update which introduced new items to Team Fortress 2 has been released so long ago, there have been many new items added to the game, with different hats and weapons for each class in the game. However, over the years the game has also gathered a large number of cosmetics, which can be used without a problem by every or almost every class in the game. Here are the best all class hats available in Team Fortress 2 at the moment.

  1. Tough Stuff Muffs

Tough Stuff Muffs is one of the community created hats, introduced to the game on 20 December 2012 in an update. This winter themed cosmetic is a great choice for anyone who’s looking for minimalistic hats, which can easily complete any set. Tough Stuff Muffs come in two different variants, regular and boston style, covered in a checkered pattern. This hat can be equipped by any class in the game, and fits perfectly with other winter class cosmetics, allowing you to create a perfect loadout for winter combat conditions.

  1. World Traveler’s Hat

One of the hats introduced to the game on Australian Christmas of December 17th 2010, the world traveler’s hat is a promotional item, which is given to any player who purchases a man. co. stamp. Although the hat might not look most impressive by itself, the real reason why it’s so great comes with the stamp mechanic. You can purchase a stamp for any map from the in-game store, and when you stick it on the world traveler’s hat, you will be able to access many new mechanics. On the map which you have the sticker of, your hat will appear with extra particle effects and when you taunt you will leave a trail of stamps in your wake for a brief period of time.

  1. Bounty Hat

One of the best all class hat for anyone looking to complete a pirate loadout, this awesome hat was given out to the players who participated in the 2012 Steam treasure hunt and is no longer available through standard means (you can still trade for it or purchase it on the marketplace). In order to find the bounty hat, players had to follow a trail of clues, which led them to a special promotional page. Upon clicking the link, they received a notification that the bounty hat was unlocked in their inventory. And although the hat itself is forever tied to the Steam treasure hunt, even if you weren’t playing at that time you can still find this all class hat cool.

  1. Crafty Hair

This cosmetic can be worn by Scout, Soldier, Medic, Heavy and Engineer and was handed out as a promotional item to the players who purchase XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam. While this hat is mainly supposed to reference the hair of XCOM soldiers, it’s also a reference to the classic Street Fighter game series. One of the most popular characters, Guile, wears this signature hairstyle in all parts of the game. Crafty is also a synonym of ‘guile’, which makes this reference even less subtle.

  1. Max’s Severed Head

Another promotional hat, this item, although it might look somewhat silly, is actually highly popular among the TF2 community and highly sought after, which explains it’s rather high price. Given out to all the players who purchased Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse before the promotion was over, as the name implies this hat is a severed head of the signature Bunny detective sidekick. Many players like this hat for it’s crazy aesthetic, and the painted versions can go for high prices on the market.

  1. Modest Pile of Hat

A nice and simple hat, Modest Pile of Hat is cheap, looks stylish and is an all class hat. This item is simply just a bowler hat, referencing the TF2 obsession with hats. The description pointing this out was actually selected in a community voting as the best one. Although this hat can be equipped by all classes, Spy looks particularly sleek in it, as it fits with his elegant suit. However, other classes can also benefit from this simple but nice look and if you want to you can easily find this hat for lower than $5.

  1. Party Hat

A list of best all class hats could not go without one of the most iconic cosmetic items. Although it looks simple, this hat is still popular and it’s silly design can fit into any loadout looking for a more comedic effect. It’s a great way to show you’re celebrating and as a matter of fact, this is one of the all class hats which can’t be obtained though standard means. Howeer, the Party Hat is given out to any player who logs in the game on the 24 of August, which is the game’s anniversary.

  1. Hong-Kong Cone

Closing this list is one of the most popular asian-inspired classes, the Hong-Kong cone. This all class hat can pair amazingly with any other asian-themed items for other classes, allowing you to get that signature Samurai look on every class in the game. The straw hat covers your character’s entire face, giving you a sort of mysterious and deadly look, great for anyone who wants a slight more intimidating and cool looking loadout for all classes in the game.

To Sum Up

Here are the best all class hats that you can get in the game. If you enjoyed any of the items on this list, remember that you can get them for low prices at OPmarket.

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