Rust is a very popular online game and is currently available on multiple platforms. There are some significant differences between the two platforms, many of them more than just mere visual details. The console version of Rust lacks the complex skin economy, that’s available on the PC Steam version.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Rust console version is somehow lacking. Here’s everything you need to know about how to buy Rust skins for the console edition.

Where Can You Get Rust Console Skins?

As you probably already now, the console version of Rust doesn’t connect to your Steam accounts and lacks Steam features in general. This means that the items and different bundles will have completely different prices.

For one, the console version of Rust completely lacks trading. This means that even if you’re playing on the same platform, you won’t be able to trade Rust skins and items with other players. Because of this, console items don’t really have any value, as you can’t sell Rust skins to other gamers for real money.

Because of this, your only method of unlocking Rust console skins is the skin store in-game. In the store, you can generally buy all the individual skins, as well as limited skin bundles, often including clothes, weapons, and many other items. All the skins available in the console version can only be purchased in the PlayStation or Xbox store, depending on your platform for set prices. Rust console skins can only be purchased with rust coins, a console currency required to make a purchase in-game. You can choose to purchase every item individually, or you can try getting Rust skin bundles and crates, which contain random individual skins inside.

To access the in-game store, go to the game’s main menu and find the appropriate button on the main screen. This will bring up the skin store and let you browse all the items in the store. The front page of the store should show you all the brand-new skins, together with any sales that might be currently going on.

Are Rust Console Skins Different Than Those On PC?

Yes, although some of the playable skins might have their double on the PC version, Rust console skins are generally different than those that were released on the PC. Both of the games receive regular updates, and each version of the game receives a different set of brand-new skins with every update.

Since Rust console skins can only be unlocked with microtransactions, many of them are more visually impressive, unlike the common skins that you can find while simply playing the PC version. Every release comes with bundles, as well as many smaller updates to the in-game skins. You can purchase entire sets, or create your own Rust skins combinations.

There were many unique console Rust skins added to the game, which were never made available in the PC version and invoked jealousy of Rust owners on Steam for many years now, such as the Shinobi scout bundle. There are also many special skins handed out only to the console players, often commemorating special celebrations in the game. Rust console edition skins are available to anyone who plays on the console, and even the newer players receive free access to Rust console edition anniversary skins.

Can You Get Free Rust Skins On Console?

As you’re probably aware, there are many different methods, which let you easily obtain Rust skins for free on the PC. However, this system doesn’t really exist on the PlayStation or Xbox version. This is mainly caused by the lack of trading in the Console version. Because of this, even if you manage to somehow purchase free skins, you wouldn’t be able to transfer them to your account.

One way to obtain free Rust skins on the console is to look out for any potential anniversaries and celebrations, which might be coming on. Players who log in during these events are often rewarded with free skins.

Finally, you can try and get a free Playstation Network or Xbox Live gift card. There are many different websites, that reward users with points for various tasks, that they can later use to receive free gift cards. You can use these gift cards in the game store to purchase rust coins, which you can exchange for skins.

In Conclusion

There are some significant differences between both versions of the game. The situation with Rust skins is arguably better on the PC version, but this doesn’t mean that Rust console edition and its in-game store lack the charm.

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