Like other Steam games, Rust features many skins that players can use to modify their looks. Rust gives players a lot of freedom regarding their in-game appearance. Players can buy Rust skins that allow them to modify their armor, weapons, furniture, and base pieces. With so many skins available, it can be difficult to make your pick.

Thankfully, for those of you who want to look cool without spending a ton of money, there is a large selection of awesome cheap skins that still look amazing. Although these Rust skins won’s significantly boost your Rust inventory value, they will allow you to build a great, personalized loadout, without spending a lot of money. Here are the best cheap Rust skins you can get today!

Rainbow Pony Hatchet

We start our list with one of the most outrageous skins for the classic hatchet tool. The Rainbow Pony Hatchet might be too much for many players, but if you want something that will really make you stand out in a game, this cheap Rust skin is for you. The skin replaces the standard hatchet with a purple one that is also covered with a graphic of a pink unicorn puking up rainbows. Yep, you read that right. As shocking as it might sound, Rainbow Pony Hatchet is also one of the cheapest Rust skins you can get on the Steam community market. Right now this awesome skin is available for around $1.77, so if you want to add a little color and character to your Rust tools, you can do so without spending a ton of money.

Native Hunting Bow

The hunting bow is a great weapon in early games since it can easily take down animals as well as unarmored players. If you manage to craft or find one early on, you’ll find that you have gained some serious advantage. Due to the weapon’s popularity, there are many hunting bow skins available in Rust. If you’re looking for something that can switch up your looks in-game, without being too flashy, Native Hunting Bow is what you need. This weapon skin emulates the look of Native American ornaments, giving your hunting bow a tribal look. Players who sell Rust skins are willing to part with this item for less than a dollar. If you want to get a Native Hunting Bow of your own, you can purchase it for as low as $0.92.

Zap Slasher

Most cheap Rust skins have simpler, more toned looks, but the Zap Slasher stands out with its shocking design. This weapon skin will turn your salvaged sword into a cartoonish weapon, covered in lightning bolts and bright colors. The salvaged sword is one of the most powerful weapons you can get early on for melee combat, allowing you to effectively one-shot any unarmored target in melee combat. The Zap Slasher will make it more comical since you’ll be killing other players with a single slice of your toy sword. It’s easily one of the best Rust skins you can get for a low price of only $2.86.

Memories AR

The assault rifle, also known as AR or AK by the Rust community, is one of the most popular weapons in the game. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise, considering how powerful and versatile this gun is. Useful for taking out enemies at a distance, as well as up close, the AR can make quick work of any enemy that is caught out in the open without any armor. Since the gun is so popular, there are many different weapon skins available for this weapon, many of them quite expensive. However, Rust also features a number of cheap AR skins, that also come with awesome visuals. Memories AR is a great choice for any player who wants an overhaul of their traditional AR look, without standing out too much. With this assault rifle skin applied, the default AR look is replaced with a brighter one, that also reveals drawings of flowers when inspected up close. It’s also one of the cheapest Rust skins available in the game, costing only around $0.83.

Creepy Bandana

If you’re looking for some Halloween-themed items, the Creepy Bandana is definitely something for you. The bandana mask is one of the easiest head slot items to craft, requiring only five cloth pieces to craft. Although it doesn’t provide too much defense or resistance, it can still be a useful item early on. It’s also often selected by the players who want to look like a post-apocalyptic raider. If that’s the look you’re going for, the Creepy Bandana will be an awesome finishing touch. This item will also allow you to create many awesome Rust skin combinations. If you want to replace the standard bandana skin with one sporting a creepy green smile this cheap Rust skin can be yours for only $1.54.

Elite Forest Camo Hoodie

Although it might look like just another wardrobe piece, hoodies in Rust are actually some of the best items in the game, that almost every player wants to craft at one point or another. This is because a hoodie provides the most armor out of any undergarment in the game. This means that you can stick an armor piece over the hoodie, giving yourself even more armor, effectively allowing you to outlast other players in fights. If you want to get some extra edge and make it easier to blend into foliage, the Elite Forest Camo Hoodie is a must-have for you. This hoodie skin replaces your standard look with a military camo pattern, allowing you to camouflage around the map much easier. Although slightly more expensive than other Rust skins on this list, you can still purchase this item for the low price of $7.98.

Lost Treasure Rock

Rocks are the most classic Rust items you can get for your inventory. The first tool and weapon of every player in the game, rocks have many uses in Rust, and you will most likely gather your fair share while playing the game. While it’s one of the most basic items in the game, it has a vast selection of cool-looking skins, that can give your Rock a complete visual overhaul. The Lost Treasure rock skin is one of the more popular choices, replacing the standard Rust rock with one that looks more like a piece of extravagant jewelry. While many players consider this skin a bit too much, if you want a Lost Treasure rock skin of your own, you can get it for the low price of $1.43.

Ghost Bolt Rifle

The bolt action rifle is another popular gun in Rust, and possibly the best weapon to fight at long range. It offers very high damage and has the smallest spread out of any gun in the game, for the price of a very slow reload speed. You can outfit the gun with a scope, to turn it into a proper sniper rifle, capable of taking out potential raiders at a very long distance. The Ghost Bolt rifle turns your standard bolt action rifle into one made up of driftwood and bleached for brighter colors. One of these cheap Rust skins can be yours for $2.10.

Building Block Hammer

Another outrageous skin, the Building Block Hammer completely replaces your standard hammer with one that’s completely built out of colorful building blocks, covered with bright drawings. This skin literally turns one of the most basic Rust tools into a toy. Building Block Hammer is one of the more controversial skins in Rust, and many players aren’t thrilled by the concept of literally carrying a toy around, but if it sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can get this cheap Rust skin for the low price of $2.65.

Little Nightmare

We’re finishing off this list with possibly one of the creepiest skins in the game, the Little Nightmare. The coolest skin you can get for the Bone Club, it replaces this basic weapon with a terrifying look, covering the bone with gore and bandages. The absolute key element of this skin and the reason for its popularity, however, is the creepy face adorning the tip. If this doesn’t scare you off, you’ll be happy to know that this Bone Club skin can be purchased for the low price of $1.67.

In Conclusion

Here are just some of the best cheap Rust skins you can add to your inventory today! There are many awesome items in Rust, and you can always trade Rust skins for the best prices at OPmarket!

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