Dota 2 is a world-renowned multiplayer online battle arena game that has managed to captivate gamers for years. The game has been out for a long time now and has a dedicated and active player base of millions of fans worldwide. Like many other Steam games, Dota 2 also features a vast collection of cosmetic items for players to choose from. There are different weapons, armor, ward skins, and many, many more!

Still, from all these different cosmetic items, Dota 2 Couriers dominate the market and are some of the most expensive and impressive Dota 2 items. In this guide, we’ll unlock the best Dota 2 couriers to make your playing experience all that more enjoyable.

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Nothing says wealth in the world of Dota 2 like a shining Goldhorn. This courier is a cute, strong swift deer with a striking gold appearance. This courier makes for a great display of wealth when flying around the battlefield. If you;re looking for a courier, that will be a perfect fit for your gold Dota 2 items, Goldhorn is the best Dota 2 courier for you For all its opulence, Goldhorn is actually quite cheap, and can easily be nabbed for less than $1. It can be purchased from the Steam Market for around $0.60.

Faceless Rex

The Faceless Rex is arguably one of the most popular Dota 2 couriers. One of the coolest new Dota 2 items, Inspired by Dota 2 hero Faceless Void, this courier is just a tiny T-rex, with a look similar to Void himself. This little guy with a faceless void-like appearance is an absolute must-have if you’re a Faceless Void player. His hilarious appearance also comes with its own, tiny Faceless Void armor and weapon. Blending cuteness and nightmare, the Faceless Rex is worth every penny. Currently, this courier is available for around $30.


If you prefer a cute courier, that won’t empty your pockets, Redpaw is a great choice. This combination of a red panda with the Japanese Shiba Inu dog breed will deliver your items while looking super cute in the process. One of the best Dota 2 couriers you can get for this price, Redpaw will definitely add some style to your Dota 2 inventory. If you want to get a Redpaw of your own, you’re in luck. Players who sell Dota 2 items don’t demand a high price for this cute, furry creature. Redpaw isn’t extremely rare, and can generally be purchased for around $0.25.

Golden Baby Roshan

Next is Golden Baby Roshan, one of the rarest and most expensive Dota 2 couriers. The Roshan golden baby carries within it the spirit of the legendary Dota 2 boss that has been a trademark of the game for years now. It leaves a trail of shimmering gold in its path whenever it flies. Roshan’s Golden Baby always stands out on the battlefield thanks to its awesome particle effects, so you don’t have to worry about other players overlooking your items. If you want a Golden Baby Roshan of your own, get ready to spend some serious money, since it’s one of the most expensive Dota 2 items. The high demand results in a high price though; at the moment this courier costs around $3600.


Say hello to Spooly, the magical courier that sprinkles happiness on the battlefield. Spooly was made available during the 2020 halloween event, Diretide, and players who want a Spooly of their own can now purchase the courier from other gamers. This courier is a cute mummy, making it a great choice for halloween Dota 2 skins loadout. It’s a perfect companion if you’re a fan of cute, quirky couriers. Best part? Spooly is one of the cheapest couriers in the game, currently available for around $0.11.

Beetlejaws the Boxhound

Meet Beetlejaws the Boxhound, a legendary Dota 2 courier that’s as cute as it’s bizarre. Another boxhound that has been added to the game, Beetlejaws is a truly unique courier. Like its Boxhound friends, Beetlejaws comes with a small chest of gems and golden coins, which seem to continuously leak from the coffer. Its unique particle effects and the ability to deliver goods across the battlefield make it a much-loved courier. If you want this tiny treasue stash for yourself, you can get this best Dota 2 courier for $0.11.

Honey Heist Baby Roshan

Another variation of Baby Roshan, the Honey Heist Baby Roshan, is a wonder to witness. This version, however, sigificantly changes the courier’s appearance. The standard pail carried around by baby Rosh is replaced with a bucket of honey, together with the angry bees particle effects. Roshan’s hands are also covered in honey, giving you a rough idea of why the bees might be so upset. It’s also much cheaper than the golden version. One of the best Dota 2 couriers in the game, Honey Heist Baby Roshan will cost you around $600. If you want to ramp up your Dota 2 inventory value, this courier is definitely for you!

Strongback The Swift

Added to the game in the Imbued Trove Carafe 2017, this Dota 2 courier is a great choice for players who enjoy the more traditional Dota 2 aesthetic, and don’t care much for flashy particle effects. Strongback The Swift is a visual upgrade to the old and tried Dota 2 donkey courier, coming with some extra visual upgrades. Most notably, it features the Omniknight and Crystal Maiden figures riding on top of it’s back. It’s also one of the cheapest Dota 2 couriers in the game, costing only around $5.

Coral the Furryfish

Finally, Coral the Furryfish is the perfect courier for underwater and nautical heroes. This courier is a cute fish, most likely oblivious to the carnage happening on the battlefield. Fish coureirs like these are always controversial, since many players believe that a fish floating in the air is a bit too over the top, even for the fantasy world of Dota 2. However, if you don’t mind a bit of ridiculousness, this courier can be yours for around $1.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in finding the best Dota 2 courier to suit your style and preference. These couriers not only add an aesthetic value to the game but also make sure that vital goods are delivered swiftly to heroes during battles. Don’t forget to always keep an eye on the Steam Market to snag these unique couriers when they become available. And if you want to trade Dota 2 items for the best prices available, make sure to check out OPmarket!

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