Like many other Steam games, Dota 2 features a large collection of different cosmetic items. Over the years Valve kept adding more and more customization options and now, besides the hero skins and couriers, players can also modify details such as wards, loading screens, or even creep models. There are new Dota 2 skins regularly added to the game.

Over the years the game has introduced a large number of different items, some of them extremely rare and very expensive. Skins for couriers from the previous years of the game or some item sets can be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Here are the 10 most expensive Dota 2 item choices to impress other players in the match. As always, remember that if you want to buy Dota 2 items, you can always get them for the best prices available at OPmarket!

  1. Transversant Soul of the Crimson Witness

One of the items which was given out to the players who were watching the International 2017 inside the game client. To attract more viewers, Valve has introduced a mechanic in the game, where players who watch the tournament in Dota 2 might have a chance for a rare item drop. The Transversant Soul of the Crimson Witness was given out to the players lucky enough to spot the first blood of a match during the tournament. This Spectre item set can no longer be purchased outside the Steam marketplace or third-party markets. Currently, players who sell Dota 2 items most often demand around $600-$800 for the Transversant Soul of the Crimson Witness.

  1. Genuine Tsukumo the Moon Cloud

Mirana players have a selection of different mounts they can get for their favorite hero, and the Genuine Tsukumo the Moon Cloud is perhaps the best one you could get. Instead of the usual tiger Mirana would be riding a bunny-like creature, which even if it looks silly, remains in high demand. This is because the mount changes the look of your hero quite radically and really stands out in a match. If you want to add this cute bunny to your inventory, get ready to spend between $800-$1000.

  1. Dragonclaw Hook

Pudge items are some of the most expensive dota 2 items available, mainly because Pudge is one of the most often picked heroes in the game at virtually all ranks. Both newbies and pros love to see and make big plays, and Pudge is one of the heroes that thrives on ganks and impressive takedowns. That is why almost any Pudge’s hook will cost quite a lot, but the Dragonclaw Hook remains at the top of the list. Not only is it visually impressive, but it’s also one of the most favorite items of Dendi, perhaps the most popular Pudge player in the history of the game. Adding a Dragonclaw Hook to your inventory will put you behind $800-$1000.

  1. Golden Basher Blades

Carry items are generally the most expensive in the game, and which carry is more popular than the Anti-mage? Items for this hero are generally quite expensive, as the Anti-mage remains one of the most often picked carries in all ranks. While the original Basher Blades are some of the cheapest Dota 2 skins for the Anti-mage, the golden variant will cost you between $900-$1100.

  1. Genuine Imperial Flame Swords

This item for Flame Spirit contains both the main and off-hand swords. One of the two sets of swords available for the flame spirit, the Genuine Imperial Flame Swords also happens to be one of the most expensive dota 2 items. The swords look amazing in-game, changing some of the skill animations. If you’d like, you can equip separate blades and mix it around with other items. If you’d like to try that, you might have to cough up between $1000-$1100.

  1. Alpine Stalker Ursa Set

Probably the most controversial item set in the game, it’s also the reason why it’s one of the most expensive dota 2 items you can get. The Alpine Stalker set for Ursa was actually one of the first item sets added to the game. However, Valve removed it very quickly, as many players instantly complained that the set doesn’t fit the game’s aesthetic at all. While this is true, those who managed to snug it can now turn quite a profit on the items, since the Alpine Stalker set is now worth between $1100-$1300.

  1. Axe of Phractos

One of the most expensive weapon skins you can get in Dota 2, the Axe of Phractos was introduced to the game in 2013 and is currently the most expensive item you can get for Axe. While it’s not the most impressive item for this Hero, it changes his ultimate animation, which is also what Axe is popular for. The Axe of Phractos is one of the most expensive items in the game at the moment and it can cost you between $1300-$1900.

  1. Golden Ornithomancer Mantle

Rubick is one of the most often played supports in pro play and higher ranks, due to how flexible the hero is. Because of this, some of the more visually impressive items for Rubick can cost quite a lot. Well, there is nothing more impressive and flashy than a literal coat of golden feathers with golden particles on top, and if that sounds like your thing, then the Golden Ornithomancer Mantle will cost you between $1500-$2000.

  1. Unusual Golden Baby Roshan

Baby Roshan was a courier which became available with the Roshan-centered Halloween event, the Diretide. The normal Baby Roshan is quite cheap since many players opened this courier in their 2017 Diretide treasures. Only the lucky few, however, got to open the Unusual Golden Baby Roshan. Not only is the courier itself golden, but it also comes with an addition of many different particles, making this one of the most flashy couriers in the game. An Unusual Golden Baby Roshan can cost you anything between $1600-$2200.

  1. Legacy Etheral Flames Wardog

The absolute most expensive dota 2 item and the rarest out of all legacy couriers, the Legacy Etheral Flames Wardog is one of the best couriers available in the game. Like other legacy couriers, the Etheral Flames Wardogs were added early on in the game, and this Juggernaut-inspired courier immediately captured the hearts of all Dota 2 players. One of the highest-quality couriers in the game, the Legacy Etheral Flames Wardog also comes with a particle effect, which makes it look like it’s on fire. It’s hard to know anything about the possible prices of this item, as it rarely appears on the market. However, some people are willing to spend absurd amounts of money for this courier, and the most expensive transaction involving this item also included $38000.

To Sum Up

Here are the rarest and most expensive dota 2 items you can get for your heroes. If you want to trade Dota 2 items, remember to check OPmarket, where you can get the best deals on Dota 2 items, Counter Strike skins and items for your other favourite games.

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