Since the game’s initial release, Valve corporation has been regularly adding new visual items to the game. The most classic multiplayer online battle arena currently has thousands of cosmetic items available, with new Dota 2 skins added regularly to the game. and players can modify just about any aspect of their game. Items for Dota 2 include not only hero skins, but also wards, couriers and even different models for supporting units and towers.

Many gamers are willing to spend exuberant amounts of money to impress other players. However, some of the flashiest Dota 2 skins can actually be purchased for a low price. If you want to buy Dota 2 items, here are the best-looking cheapest items in the game!

  1. Reaper’s Wreath

Drow Ranger is one of the most commonly played long-range carry characters in matches of all ranks. Her kit provides her with a lot of utility, including a whole bunch of CC and a powerful ultimate, greatly enhancing her attack damage. Reaper’s Wreath actually includes an extra visual effect to every attack improved by Drow’s ultimate. This additional effect, together with the bow’s already impressive visuals, makes it one of the best cheap Dota 2 skins you can get. If you want to add this skin to your collection, it will cost you around $4.16.

  1. Crown of Tears

Although highly popular in Frozen Throne, Morphling has fallen out of favor over the last couple of months and you probably won’t see this hero in a high level match. Still, Morphling can be an absolute killer carry in a hands of someone who knows how to pilot this difficult hero. One benefit of Morphling not being popular, is that all items for this hero can now be bought cheaper. Crown of Tears is one of the best you can get, as this headpiece will also change some of your ability animations. If you want to get this item for your Morphling, it will only cost you measly $0.16.

  1. Chalice of Ixy’xa

Pugna is a strange hero, regularly popping in and out of the game’s meta. This character makes a great addition to any team composition that needs some extra pushing power. His Q creates a circular explosion, which can quickly deal damage to enemy towers and destroy them. This item actually changes Pugna’s Q to an actual ring, slowly closing until it explodes. If this sounds like your thing, you can actually get it for around $0.06.

  1. Profane Union

This item is a must-have purchase for every Lifestealer main. A flashy bit of armor that sticks on Lifestealer’s back, Profane Union fits perfectly with every other Lifestealer item set with its color scheme. This immortal item also lights up every time you use Lifestealer’s rage, which will let you easily stand out in the battle chaos. If you think your Lifestealer loadout also needs this, the Profane Union can be easily bought for around $0.17.

  1. Cult of Aktok

Another cheap Immortal item released in Trove Carafe 2018, this skin is an absolute must-have for any fans of the Venomancer. While he’s not the most popular hero in high-rank matches, Venomancer has been a long-time favorite of players in the lower ranks. While playing against Venomancer can be easy if you know how to dodge, getting caught with one of his auto attacks can mean death in lane. This Aztec-looking skin will only put you behind $0.56.

  1. Unbroken Fealty

Wraith king is a highly controversial hero, mainly because he was introduced as a replacement to censor the original fan favorite, the Skeleton King. Still, Wraith King remains one of the most often played carries by players who are new to the game. If you ever feel like you want a cool but cheap item for this hero, search no further. Unbroken Fealty replaces his sword with a giant and ancient graveyard slab, covered in chains. This huge skin will definitely attract eyes of the other five players on the opposing team, and it will only cost you around $0.28.

  1. Jade Reckoning

Another one of the cheap immortal items, which also changes your hero’s ability animations. The Jade Reckoning for Earth Spirit will turn his usual boulder model into a decorated, Asian-themed stone. In addition, you and all the heroes you roll on will leave a shining green runic trail. For what it offers, Jade Reckoning is extremely cheap and will cost you only about $0.16.

  1. Edict of Shadows (Golden)

Rikkimaru is a strange hero, he can be insanely powerful if not countered, so if the enemy team doesn’t buy sentry wards or other invisibility defense, you’ll be able to steamroll them with ease. Rikki is a favorite of many players and had a number of different great-looking items released for him. If you want to trade Dota 2 items for this hero, one of the best choices you can get is the golden version of Edict of Shadows. This item also changes his Q animation, adding an animation of his laughing face to the cloud of smoke. If you decide to get this item, you can get it for as low as $0.30.

  1. Lightning Orchid

Orchid Malevolence is one of the most popular items built on Storm Spirit, since it fits well with the rest of hist kit, and can allow him to quickly pop in and take kills without giving their enemies a chance to fight back. This Immortal hat for Storm Spirit is a tribute to the Orchid Malevolence and will add a crimson effect to your Ball Lightning, as well as give Storm Spirit red glowing eyes. If you want to get this Storm Spirit item, it will only cost you around $1.20.

  1. Crucible of Rile (Golden)

Finishing off this list is one of the flashiest items you can get for Axe. This helmet changes his signature Q, Berserker’s Call, to a different animation, with fissures coming out of Axe in all directions. It also looks great in game, with the golden variant giving Axe a flaming helmet on top of his head. If you want one for your collection, you can get it for an outrageously low price of $0.17.

To Sum Up

Here are the top 10 cheapest Dota 2 skins you can get for your Steam inventory. If you want to get any of the items on the list, Head to OPMarket where you can buy and sell Dota 2 items for the best price on the market.

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