Dota 2 has many different visual elements of the game, that players can change according to their liking. Players can not only modify the skins of their heroes, they even get to choose individual pieces of their equipment that they want to change. Valve regularly keeps adding new Dota 2 skins to the game, so players always have a wide range of items to choose from.

But hero items aren’t the only thing that the players can modify. Over the years valve has released a number of different visual items, which allow you to change the map’s surroundings. Trees, towers, and the river are only some of the visual elements of the game world that you can change. However, the most visually impressive change you can make is to have custom creeps for Dota 2.

What Are The Custom Creeps?

Custom creeps are perhaps the most interesting skin that you can get in the game. Still, for many players, this feature remains completely unknown. That is because obtaining custom creeps can be extremely difficult, or take a lot of money, which means that the majority of the Dota 2 community will never see this bit of content.

There are two reasons why Custom Creeps are so rare and you have never seen one in your match. One, is that the creeps are always a reward for reaching a very high level of the current year’s battle pass. In order to do this, you need to either play a lot of Dota, or simply pay a lot of money to buy the battle pass levels and get all the rewards. This means that you can simply buy Dota 2 items from the battle pass, by purchasing the necessary levels. All the custom creeps are not tradable, meaning that you can’t purchase them from other players.

The second part is that all the visual equipment for the game world is only visible to the wearer. This means that if you have custom towers, creeps or any other items that modify how the game world looks, you will be the only person, who can see them. This means that the custom creeps only appear for you, and not for any other players, including your team. Although you can’t show off the creeps to other players in the game, They still make for a great rare item, which you can use to spice up your game.

What Custom Creeps There Are In Dota 2?

Custom creeps are only available through battle pass levels, and if you did’t manage to get your hands on them while the battle pass was active, chances are you’ll never be able to get them again. You can’t trade Dota 2 items from the battle pass, and custom creeps are no different. However, the custom creeps that you unlock through every year’s battle pass actually stay in your inventory, as well as any other visual items that change the game world, like towers or trees.

So far Valve has introduced 4 different pairs of custom creeps available through the game’s battle pass. These are:

  1. Cavernite Creeps – released in Battle Pass 2018, unlocked at level 192
  2. Reptilian Refuge Creeps – release in the international 2019 Battle Pass, unlocked when you reach level 182
  3. Nemestice Creeps – available in the Nemestice 2021 Battle Pass at level 125
  4. Woodland Warbands – available from the Agahanim’s Labirynth Battle Pass when you hit level 94

It’s also important to keep in mind, that if you own multiple different custom creeps, you’ll be able to use different skins for every side, meaning that you can mix and match to create your own combinations.

Can You Buy Custom Creeps For Dota 2?

Long story short: obtaining custom creeps outside of the battle pass is at the moment impossible. Players who sell Dota 2 items can’t sell their custom creep skins. Custom creeps are also not available in every battle pass released, meaning that if you want to get a pair of your own, you will need to be on a constant lookout. Still, it’s really worth it, as all the custom creeps released so far are super impressive, and will definitely increase your fun in Dota 2.

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