It’s not an overstatement that the hard support heroes win matches in Dota 2. Although Dota 2 carries and tanks can decimate enemy heroes, they won’t be able to do much without vision provided by wards, smoke, dust, and many other classic support items. A good support hero on your team can not only help in a team fight with their crowd control abilities, but they also provide tons of utility and can save allies in dangerous moments. Because of this, support is generally one of the most important Dota 2 roles in the game.

Although most gamers will tell you that playing a support hero with a team of random people is the worst experience you can have in the game, support heroes can actually be a good choice when you want to climb Dota 2 ranks. Not only are support heroes generally easier to play than other roles, but it’s also much easier to play when you’re certain you’ll have as many vision and utility items as you can get.

Want to try your hand at playing support in Dota 2? Here are the best support heroes in the game that will help you dominate the enemy team and improve your Dota 2 MMR! Also, if you want to buy Dota 2 items for any of the heroes mentioned on this list, be sure to visit OPmarket!

What Are The Best Support Heroes In The Game?

With so many support heroes to choose from, it can be difficult to choose what to play on position five. If you’re interested in playing support, especially in ranked mode, here are the heroes that you should try:

1. Enchantress

Ever since the change that turned her ultimate into a normal ability, Enchantress can be insanely dangerous in a lane and is currently one of the best hard support heroes for the early stages of the game. Other heroes simply can’t match the power she can dish out with her auto attacks, and besides her powerful damage, she also provides tons of utility for her team. Not only can she heal allies and herself, she can also control neutral creeps with one of her abilities, allowing her to invade the jungle, roam around the map, and use all the different neutral creep abilities to her advantage. Because of this, Enchantress will fit neatly into virtually any team setup.

2. Silencer

Another hard-hitting support hero, Silencer can easily put up a fight against core heroes, and even transition into full-carry if he gets a strong early game. Because of this, he’s often categorized as a soft support, which makes him a great pick for support players who want to see a little bit more action. While he doesn’t have any hard crowd-control abilities, he can dish out crazy damage with his E, which also silences and disarms his opponent. His Q, on the other hand, is a perfect tool to harass players who need to use their abilities more in the laning phase, and his W can give him a ton of attack damage if he manages to pick up a couple of kills early.

3. Disruptor

Considered by many to be one of the best hard support heroes in the current meta, Disruptor is very often picked and banned in professional matches, and that’s not without a good reason. His ability kit provides a lot of utility, giving him a total of 3 crowd control abilities, including a powerful ultimate that can also disable activated items for the duration. His Q, Glimpse, allows him to revert an enemy hero to their previous position while also dealing damage to them and his E creates an unescapable ring around the enemy heroes. Disruptor is a great support hero for virtually any team, but he can take a while to learn and master. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can easily foil the enemy team’s plans with your skills.

4. Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is one of the more signature support heroes, offering high burst damage, reliable crowd-control, and global mana regeneration thanks to her Arcane Aura. One of the most popular hard support heroes in the game, Crystal Maiden offers a versatile toolkit, making her a great lane support and a team fight powerhouse. Crystal Maiden is also the right hero for anyone who’s just starting their adventure with Dota. One thing you have to watch out for is that Crystal Maiden is an extremely fragile hero, so make sure to fight in team fights from behind your tankier teammates.

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5. Jakiro

Jakiro had an interesting run over the last couple of years, with periods of popularity as well as moments where he was completely gone from the pro scene. Although playing Jakiro can require a little bit more skill since his spells are difficult to land, his ice path is one of the most powerful support abilities early in the game. Jakiro is mainly selected for his crowd control and damage output, so if you need a hero to counter all the flimsy carries on the enemy team, Jakiro will be a great choice.

6. Phoenix

Phoenix is one of the stranger support heroes in the game and can be quite difficult to master, but his high health pool and unusual abilities can make him an awesome situational pick. His Fire Spirits easily allow him to trade with enemy soft supports in the laning phase, while his Icarus Dive gives him one of the most mobile ability kits in the game. With his signature ult, Super Nov, Phoenix can decimate enemy heroes in team fights, if he can catch them off-guard. If you want to try playing Phoenix in ranked games, make sure that you practice first. While he’s one of the more unusual support heroes in the game, he can easily allow your team to overwhelm the enemy heroes.

7. Rubick

The grand magus himself, Rubick has been the pro player favorite for years now. This is mainly because of his insanely versatile kit, which reserves him a spot in most team compositions. His Fade Bolt provides tons of burst damage, hitting the targeted enemy and others behind them. His levitate ability is also one of the best crowd control skills in the game, allowing Rubick to force enemies up on cliffs and even lock them out of combat completely. Finally, his signature Spellsteal ultimate means that the more powerful damage dealers the enemy team picks, the more powerful will Rubick be later on in the game. Overall, Rubick is currently one of the best hard-support heroes in the game.

8. Ogre Magi

The inclusion of Ogre Magi in this list might surprise many players, but it’s true. The Ogre Magi is currently one of the best support heroes in the game, both in pub games and the pro scene. His signature ability Fireblast deals lots of damage to the targeted enemy, but it’s his ultimate, Multicast, which makes it really deadly. On every ability use, Multicast has a chance to copy it one more time (up to a total of 4 times), which allows him to even one-shot soft support heroes on the enemy team. Fireblast also stuns the target, and on 4 times multicast the stun lasts for almost 3 seconds. However, even without Multicast Ogre Magi provides tons of utility with his AoE damage over time ability or his attack speed buff. If you don’t know which support to pick for your team composition, Ogre Magi is almost always a good pick.

In Conclusion

Here are some of the best support heroes you can use to climb ranks in Dota 2. If you want to learn more about the game or sell Dota 2 items, be sure to drop by OPmarket!

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