CSGO knives are some of the most expensive skins you can get in all of the games available on Steam. Some of the most expensive knives, like the blue diamond Karambit can cost insane amounts of money on the Steam Market, and are easily worth a fortune to interested collectors. Expensive knives are sometimes the only reason many collectors still stick to Counter Strike.

The best knives, like the popular M9 Bayonet skins, are worth a ton of money on the Steam marketplace, and every CS:GO player wishes they had their own collection of knife skins. However, besides the outrageously expensive one, there are other knives available in the game, at a more reasonable price. If you want a shiny new knife for your CSGO inventory, keep reading. Here are the best cheap knives available in CSGO!

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  1. Navaja Knife | Case Hardened

Case Hardened skins are among some of the most expensive weapon skins in CS:GO. Because of this, the inclusion of this skin might seem a bit shocking, but it’s true. Case hardened knives in CS:GO aren’t as expensive as other skins from this family. They are a great choice if you’re looking for cheap CSGO knife skins, and are some of the best looking in the game. If you want to buy CSGO skins for your knife, for the best in-game look for a small price, consider investing in Navaja Knife Case Hardened.

  • Flavor text: A little color never hurt anyone
  • Lowest Steam price: $137
  • Drops from case: Danger Zone and Horizon case
  • First added: 3rd August 2018
  1. Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat

Shadow Daggers have always been a controversial CSGO skins in the game, and it has as many haters, as avid lovers. Some of the most unique skins in the game, Shadow Daggers change the knife model to two punch-daggers, not only completely replacing the weapon, but changing it’s animation as well. Many players don’t like what Shadow Daggers have to offer, and consider them lame. On the flip-side, this makes Shadow Daggers some of the cheapest CSGO knife skins you can get. A Battle-Scarred version of Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat will cost you less than $100.

  • Flavor text: Some people don’t need to hide how dirty their deeds are
  • Lowest Steam price: $91.51
  • Drops from case: Danger Zone and Horizon case
  • First added: 3rd August 2018
  1. Huntsman Knife | Boreal Forest

If you like a more traditional, military look, Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest is a great cheap knife, that features a classic military camo finish. Huntsman Knife combines a realsitic and deadly look, with a cool-looking design. Boreal Forest is generally the cheapest set of CSGO knives, and if you want a cool CSGO knife for your loadout without breaking a bank, Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest is a great choice.

  • Flavor text: The woods can be a dangerous place… never travel alone
  • Lowest Steam price: $133.18
  • Drops from case: Huntsman Weapon case
  • First added: 1st May 2014
  1. Gut Knife | Night

Gut Knife is a great choice of weapon for anyone who wants to have a more sadistic loadout in CS:GO. Gut Knife in CSGO is a blade used by hunters to cut through their game. The hooked blade is specifically created to cut through flesh easily. Still, despite their deadly look Gut Knife skins aren’t very popular among players, which also makes them some of the cheapest CSGO knife skins you can get. Players who sell CSGO skins generally want about $110 for one. If you want a really deadly looking Gut Knife for a cheap price, the best choice for you is the Gut Knife Nigth skin.

  • Flavor text: It’s the whisper of the wind… it’s the bite at your neck
  • Lowest Steam price: $110.43
  • Drops from case: Revolver case
  • First added: 14th August 2013
  1. Bowie Knife | Urban Masked

If you don’t like flashy knife skins and don’t want to stand out to match in the game, Bowie Knife Urban Masked is the knife skin for you. Although not the cheapest knife on this list, Bowie Knife Urban Masked is a great item if you want your loadout to look like an anti-terrorist. The grey hues all over the blade and handle make it easy to mask yourself in the darkness and use the Bowie Knife Urban Masked on an unsuspecting enemy.

  • Flavor text: True power is demonstrated with subtle application
  • Lowest Steam price: $137.84
  • Drops from case: Operation Wildfire Case
  • First added: 18th February 2016
  1. Falchion Knife | Black Laminate

Last entry on our list and one of the best cheap knives you can get in CS GO, Falchion Knife Black Laminate. One of the newer knives on the list, its blade is black, and looks worn out, while the knife handle is decorated with black laminate. If you’re collecting a black CSGO loadout and are looking for a knife skin to finish off your look, Falchion Knife Black Laminate is possibly the best knife you can get. Combining a deadly look with a stylish design, although not the cheapest CSGO knife on this list, you can still get it without breaking the bank.

  • Flavor text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $140.37
  • Drops from case: Operation Riptide and Dreams & Nightmares Case
  • First added: 22nd September 2021

In Conclusion

Here are the cheapest CSGO knife skins you can get your hands on in 2023. If you liked any of the skins on this list, be sure to also check out our guide on the cheapest gloves in CSGO!

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