If you’re one of the veteran Rust players with lots of experience, you probably already know that Hazmat suit is easily one of the most efficient and best armor sets available in the game. Taking up only one slot in your inventory, Hazmat suit is a versatile armor, providing resistance, protection and taking up little space in your inventory.

OVer the years, this versatile armor has received a number of different skins, that players can use in-game to add some style to this staple post-apocalyptic armor suite. Without any longer introductions, here are all the best Rust Hazmat suit skins you can get in the game!

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What is the Hazmat Suit

Hazmat suits in Rust are a special piece of armor, made with radiation resistant rubber and providing not only armor protection, but also resistance to radiation and cold protection. Although the default hazmat suit Rust skin is quite easy to spot from the distance, the protection provided still makes it a good choice for exploring monuments and finding some useful loot early.

Hazmat suit is quite easy to find, as it drops from a number of mobs and can be found in chests and monuments. In addition, since Hazmat suit counts as a single clothing item, you won’t aggro the Rust attack helicopter. With the additional protection from radiation protection and armor contained in a one piece clothing set, Hazmat suit is a great item to get some quick advantage over other players and start raiding monuments fo resources.

Are There Skins for Hazmat Suit Rust?

Yes, Hazmat suit is a very popular item in Rust, and at the moment the game features 5 different skins for the hazmat suit available to purchase in the game. Wearing some of them not only changes your appearance, making you effectively more difficult to spot, but can also give you some advantage in-game. Sadly, these skins are only available in the game store, meaning that you won’t be able to sell Rust skins mentioned on this list for real money. Here are all the best Hazmat suit Rust skins combinations currently available in the game:


One of the coolest Hazmat skins currently available in the game, Spacesuit is exactly what the title suggests. When you apply this skin at a workbench in-game, your Hazmat suit sill be changed to a fully-equipped spacesuit in the game. Technically spacesuits also provide protection from space radiation, so they make sens as a hazmat skin. While it might look pretty and provide resistance to ranged damage, this skin will probably make you even more visible. After all, it’s a bit difficult not to spot an astronaut running around the game.

Current Steam price: $15.84

Abyss suit

If you want a more edgy, darker look to your Hazmat suit, the skin available in the Abyss pack will be a great addition to your Rust collection. Available as a part of the Abyss pack bundle, which also includes a number of skins for different tools, the Abyss suit replaces your standard Hazmat suit made out of radiation resistant rubber with a classic, old-school diving suit. If you want to look a bit darker and spookier but still retain the bonus stats from the Hazmat suit, be sure to wear this skin!

Price in the Rust store: 12.99 $ (for the entire bundle)

Lumberjack suit

Another item available as a part of a bundle in the Rust store, the Lumberjach suit in Rust will make your character look like someone straight out of a forest who finished cutting down some trees. While it doesn’t look like this suit, which is really just normal clothing with some extra protection elements, would provide any resistance against radiation, it still retains all of the bonuses and benefits you get from the traditional Hazmat suit.

Price in the Rust store: 12.99 $ (for the entire bundle)

Nomad outfit

If you like playing Rust for its post-apocalyptic vibes, the Nomad outfit is something you should definitely get. Giving you the look of an ultimate wasteland warrior, the Nomad outfit is something straight out of a dark sci-fi. With this Hazmat skin equipped, your character will look like they’re just returning straight from a radiated desert. In addition to giving you some extra points to the cool factor, the Nomad outfit will also make you more difficult to spot while running through the island, providing you some additional edge over other players.

Price in the Rust store: 9.99 $

Arctic hazmat suit

Perhaps the most controversial on this list, the Arctic hazmat suit has been a point of a lengthy discussion among the Rust community. Many players believe, that this item is pay-to-win, as this item grants increased protection from cold, more than the default Hamat suit. It does, however, provide less radiation protection as well as explosives protection. No matter what’s your opinion on this subject, you can get this skin as a part of the Arctic pack in the Rust store, which also comes with two other skins included.

Price in the Rust store: 12.99 $ (for the entire bundle)

To Sum Up

Hazmat suit is a great piece of armor, providing increased protection from many different sources of damage. If you get your hands on a Hazmat suit early on, you can easily dominate the game. If you want to add some Rust skins to your inventory, or get rid of those you don’t need, be sure to check out OPmarket, where you can trade Rust skins for best prices!

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