Although TF2 players were able to paint their hats for a long time now, it wasn’t until the Jungle Inferno update, that the war paints were introduced. With war paints, every player could give their favorite weapon a unique look.

Many war paints have very impressive visual effects and because of that, players are willing to pay huge amounts of money to get that war paint they want for their favorite gun. However, you can customize your gun with war paints without spending a fortune on the Steam marketplace. Here are some of the cheapest war paints you can get in TF2 today.

What Are War Paints?

Painting hats has been one of the signature elements of the TF2 economy. Most hats come in many different color variants, allowing players to modify their items and give them their own unique look. Some hats were more valuable with their painted version, as the players were able to customize their looks and make some hats really flashy.

The TF2 paints, however, were limited only to hats and sometimes other cosmetics, which also had different color variants available. It wasn’t until the Jungle Inferno update, released on October 20th, 2017. The Jungle Inferno update was huge, introducing 6 different maps to the game, 5 new weapons, 8 new taunts and almost 50 new cosmetics.

One of the major parts of this update was the new mechanic in the game known as war paints. While players were able to paint their cosmetics, with war paints everyone could now paint their guns. This feature works very much like the CS:GO skins, except players have more freedom in applying the war paints to their guns. Any war paint can be used on any weapon, which means that anyone who wants to experiment will find this mechanic right up their alley.

What Are The Cheapest War Paints in TF2?

War paints are generally very rare items, for which you will have to either trade or pay large sums of money. Everyone wants to have their own war-painted weapons and the existing war paints are often hard to come by on the Steam marketplace. Here are the best cheap war paints that you can use on your existing weapons today:

  1. Macabre Web & Macabre Web MK. II

Starting off with the cheapest war pain currently available in the game. the Macabre Web and it’s upgraded, slightly more expensive version are still great looking war paints, which can greatly improve your looks when applied to weapons for any of the classes. This war paint features mainly black, purple and teal and thanks to it being the cheapest war paint in the game, you should be able to buy this item on the marketplace without any issue. A Factory New version will only cost you around $0.64.

  1. Team Sprayer

Another simple choice, the Team Sprayer war paint can be used to add crimson and brown elements to your gun. While not the most impressive choice available, Team Sprayer is perfect for fans of war-painted weapons in simple, toned patterns. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, a Field-Tested version will cost you only about $0.14.

  1. Woodsy Widowmaker Mk.II

Another great choice for players who want to create a deadly image, as the name implies this war paint will give your opponents a preview of what ideas you’ve got for them in your head. The Woodsy Widowmaker Mk.II war paint adds a military camo effect on any weapon that you choose to paint with it. With this war paint, Soldier won’t be the only class where you can play around with a military theme. A Factory New version will only cost you around $0.34.

  1. Sweet Toothed

Introduced as a part of the yearly Scream Fortress Halloween special event, this war paint is made to resemble the iconic piece of candy, that everyone in America associates with the day of the dead – candy corn. Unlike other war paints on this list, which only change the color of your weapons, the Sweet Toothed war paint also changes the entire gun texture, covering it with hundreds of pieces of candy corn. If this doesn’t sound too sweet for you, you can easily buy this cheap war paint for around $0.21.

  1. Bonzo Gnawed

The most expensive entry on this list, although still very cheap, is the Bonzo Gnawed war paint. This one will make your gun look extra deadly, with added bits of a strange animal. With the Bonzo Gnawed war paint, your gun will get decorated with parts of some deadly reptile, as well as his victims on the other part of the gun. It is slightly more expensive than the other select war paints on this list, but you can still easily get your hands on the Factory New version for around $2.00.

In Conclusion

Here are the best war paints that you can get for your guns today. Even if you’re buying only the cheapest war paint in the fame, head over to OPmarket, as chances are you’ll be able to save even more money by trading or purchasing there.

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