Like many other Steam games, Team Fortress 2 features many different items that players can use to modify their looks. The game is most famous for its large selection of cosmetic TF2 hats, but over the years Valve has added many other cosmetic items, that allow players to further modify their looks. Cosmetic items aren’t the only thing players can purchase, however. Team Fortress 2 also features many different weapons, some of them completely changing each class’s playstyle. All of these items can also come with different modifiers and features.

All of these have led to the creation of a large item-based economy in Team Fortress 2. Some of the most expensive TF2 items are worth a lot of money, and if you own them you might have a lot of cash on your hands. Here are the 10 most expensive TF2 items you can get on the Steam market today!

1. Unusual Burning Team Captain

Team Captain is one of the most popular hats in Team Fortress 2, and many players would love to have it in other inventory. While this cosmetic item is impressive by itself, the most famous version is definitely the Burning Flames Team Captain hat. At one point it was the most expensive TF2 item available, and while this is no longer the case, the legacy has certainly stuck. The burning flames effect does exactly what it says, adding fire particles to the hat. While standing out might not be what you want in Team Fortress 2, this hat will definitely attract the attention of other gamers. If you want to get this expensive skin, get ready to spend around $14999.

2. Golden Frying Pan

While the name might suggest this weapon is golden, it’s actually made out of a much rarer material, known in Team Fortress 2 as Australium. This rare gold-like material is actually much harder, and more fit for different weapons. The Golden Frying Pan is one of the most versatile Australium weapons since it can be equipped by all the nine classes in the game. The Golden Frying Pan replaces the default weapon for the class it’s equipped for, and doesn’t offer anything besides a cosmetic upgrade. It does, however, include an awesome extra effect – it turns any opponent the player kills into a gold Australium statue. If you want a Golden Frying Pan of your own, it will cost you around $5650.

3. Golden Wrench

The Golden Wrench is considered to be one of the most expensive skins in the game and is probably the most expensive item in TF2 in general. This melee weapon for Engineer was only made available during the Engineer Update event, and at any time whenever a player crafted an Engineer item, they had a chance to create the Golden Wrench. Every time 25 Golden Wrenches were created, Valve would release the next update information. However, after 100 Golden Wrenches have been crafted in total, the update has finished and the Golden Wrench is no longer obtainable. Because of this, the item is very rarely traded, and trade offers for the Golden Wrench are very sparse. The last time this item was available, it sold for $32195.

4. Strange Australium Medi-Gun

As we have already mentioned, Australium weapons tend to be more expensive than other items in the game, thanks to their rarity and luxurious looks. If you’re a medic player, the Strange Australium Medi-Gun is the best Medi-Gun you can get if you want a flashy appearance in-game. Other players will instantly recognize that you’re serious about playing Medic with an item like this. A strange Australium Medi-Gun of your own will cost you around $1495.

5. Collector’s Dead Of Night

Dead Of Night is one of the most popular cosmetic items in the game, since it can be worn by all the classes in the game. This item replaces the standard class clothes with a stylish winter overcoat, with a different look for every class. This cosmetic item can also be combined with many different hats and items, creating some very visually impressive combinations. If you’d like to add these clothes to your inventory, they are available for around $2500 on the Steam market.

6. Vintage Max’s Severed Head

Max’s Severed Head is one of the most popular hats in the TF2 community, especially among gamers who often trade TF2 items. Released as a part of a promotion for a classic adventure game, in the Sam & Max series, Sam & Max: Devil’s Playhouse, together with a revolver skin for the Spy. As the name suggests, this hat is a severed head of Max, the bunny sidekick of Detective Sam, together with his trademark ears. Max’s Severed Head works great for any funny or strange loadout, and if you want to get the vintage version of this hat, it will cost you around $529.

7. Vintage Earbuds

The Vintage Earbuds look like the classic white Apple earbuds added to every iPod of the previous generation and were available to any player, who participated in the promotional event during the Team Fortress 2 iOS release. Players could obtain these earbuds by simply logging in to the iOS version of the game with their Steam Account. This cosmetic item can go well with almost any hat in the game, and will also periodically release small musical notes in the air around the user. Players who sell T2 items most often demand around $1225 for a vintage version of the Earbuds.

8. Collector’s Killer Exclusive

Another promotional item no longer available in the game, Collector’s Killer Exclusive features a stylish fedora, stylized after the classic journalist looks from noir movies. This hat is available to all the characters in the game and is a great choice for any stylish loadout looking to improve its looks. Although Collector’s Killer Exclusive is no longer obtainable through traditional means, you can get it from the Steam Marketplace for around $1800.

9. Unusual Medic’s Mountain Cap

Medic’s Mountain Cap is one of the most popular hats for this class, staying in touch with the traditional German aesthetic of the Medic, while also giving him an awesome, military look. The helmet is meant to evocate the style of the traditional German military equipment from the XXth century, and will definitely make an awesome impression in-game. If you want to get an unusual version of this hat, get ready to cough up around $250.

10. Randolph the Blood-Nosed Caribou

This awesome sniper hat was available during the 2013 Steam Winter Sale. Players who crafted the Steam Holiday Sale 2013 badge. Players who crafted the badge had a small chance to create this awesome Sniper headpiece. It’s easily the best holiday hat in the game, combining a deadly look with a Christmas aesthetic. Sadly, it’s also very rare and one of the most expensive skins for the Sniper class. A Randolph of your own will cost you around $3000.


The Team Fortress 2 economy continues to grow with new items released all the time. From the mesmerizing flames of Burning Team Captains to the elegance of Vintage Merrweathers, these top ten items will most likely remain at the top for the foreseeable future. Remember that if you want to buy TF2 items, you can always get them for the best prices at OPmarket!

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