Soldier is one of the most popular TF2 classes, both gaming newbies and experienced players. He’s a versatile class, capable of both dealing out lots of damage and quickly maneuvering around the field. Soldier’s loadout allows him to play versatile roles in the game, whether it’s dealing damage or taking objectives.

Soldier’s awesome and versatile arsenal features a number of different weapons, but none can top his signature rocket launcher. Here are the best rocket launchers you can get for your Soldier class today! Also, if you want to buy TF2 items mentioned on this list, be sure to check out OPmarket for the best deals possible!

Soldier Rocket Launchers

In the world of Team Fortress 2, the Soldier, armed with the TF2 Rocket Launcher epitomizes a heavy hitter, combining immense damage and impressive mobility, particularly with his ability to rocket jump. Found amongst his arsenal is an array of unique and powerful rocket launchers, each offering the Soldier a unique style of play, depending on the chosen weapon model.

However, even the Soldier with his TF2 Rocket Launcher has weaknesses. The Soldier moves slower, unlike other classes in the game, and despite his larger health pool, he could potentially be overwhelmed without additional support. But, when the Soldier wields a TF2 Rocket Launcher, he can rocket jump, allowing him to quickly bounce around the battlefield and propel to the edges of the battlefield. This rocket jumping makes the Soldier a middle danger and a considerable threat from the air, utilizing the explosive force of his rockets.

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Vanilla Rocket Launcher

The standard TF2 Rocket Launcher is a cornerstone of the Soldier’s armory. The barrel of this Rocket Launcher spews out rockets, causing massive damage in a straight sight. This rocket launcher model is possibly one of the best rocket launchers to be included in the Soldier’s repertoire, found ideal for any skirmish. The vanilla Rocket Launcher in TF2 doesn’t

Black Box

The Black Box, a unique Rocket Launcher, boasts a very particular mod. Not only does this Rocket Launcher launch rockets that cause substantial damage, but it’s also equipped with a heat shield that heals the Soldier for every rocket hit on an enemy. This advantage adds up, especially on the front lines, making it one of the game’s most sought-after rocket launchers.

The Direct Hit

If you need a rocket launcher that works to give your Soldier a fast attack advantage, then The Direct Hit is your answer. This TF2 rocket launcher fires rockets in a straight line at a lightning speed, adding a high damage order to each rocket. The downside? A smaller explosion radius that requires skill to master.

Beggar’s Bazooka

Equipped with the capacity to hold multiple rockets in the barrel, the Beggar’s Bazooka is an explosive tool found in the Soldier’s arsenal. This rocket launcher has the potential to release a quick succession of rockets, laying heavy and fast damage to enemies. However, be careful not to potentially overload it and cause self-inflicted harm.

The Original

The Original rocket launcher model might sound standard but don’t leave it at that. What sets it apart is that rockets come from the middle of the screen rather than the side, giving players a better-aiming sight. This minor adjustment is acknowledged by several players in the TF2 comment community making this Rocket Launcher a popular choice.

Liberty Launcher

With its rockets boasting a 40% faster speed and a large 25% extension to the clip size found in other launchers, the Liberty Launcher stands apart. Acting as a preventative tool, it also limits self-inflicted rocket jump damage by 25% but lowers damage output, offering an interesting trade-off for soldiers to consider.

Air Strike

Favouring Soldiers who prefer an aerial advantage, the Air Strike rocket launcher extends its clip size with each enemy downed during a rocket jump. The fast-paced model of this rocket launcher reduces the explosion radius, requiring excellent aiming in return.

In Conclusion

Soldier is one of the most popular classes in TF2, mainly thanks to his mechanical simplicity. It’s easy to be an effective player and an asset to your team, however, truly mastering soldier in TF2 requires a comprehensive knowledge of different TF2 maps as well as various important game mechanics.

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