Rust is one of the most popular games on Steam, with many players trying to survive together on a post-apocalyptic island. In Rust, players have to gather resources, build bases, and even fight other players to survive as long as they can. The game doesn’t offer any ending or a mission – the sole goal of Rust is survival.

And although the game is mainly all about surviving the harsh conditions of the island, nobody said you can’t try to survive in style. That’s why Rust offers a highly complex system of skins for virtually any item in the game. Players can not only change their armor and weapons, but also furniture and pieces of their base.

Like many other Steam games, Rust features a large variety of skins, that players can sell, buy and trade with each other. You can sell Rust skins for real money, and even use it to purchase other games on Steam!

However, you don’t have to buy Rust skins to look great in the game. There are many ways to obtain free Rust skins and expand your inventory. Don’t belive us? Here’s a guide on how to get free skins in Rust!

Are Free Rust Skins Real?

Yes, the game offers players many ways to earn free Rust skins, perfectly legit and without any catches! You won’t get banned for using any of the methods listed in our guide, and you can even make some free money!

Rust game skins can be worth quite a lot of money, and if you get lucky, you can obtain an expensive Rust skin by using the methods we have listed here. Yes, this means that any free Rust skin can be used to earn money! Skins obtained with these methods are the same as any Rust skin purchased on the Steam community market or traded from another player. You can use them in-game, or simply trade Rust skins received this way with others for items or money.

5 Ways To Obtain Free Rust Skins

There are a couple of different methods that you can use to add free Rust skins to your inventory. Here are a couple of them:

  1. Random Drops

Perhaps the easiest way to obtain free Rust skins is the skin drops you can get for simply playing the game. Like many other Steam games, such as Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2, Rust allows players to get free Skins after they have spent a while playing the game. When playing the game, you should earn Rust skins every time you spend between 12 to 24 hours playing the game. After you get a drop, the timer resets and you can obtain another free Rust skin drop after playing the same amount of game.

The game doesn’t count whether the time has been actually spent in-game or simply idling. There’s also no way to predict what Rust skins you’ll get this way, as the skin drops from playing the game are completely random. This means that the skins received this way can be cheap, or cost a lot of money.

  1. Crafting

Rust allows players to reclaim Rust skins they don’t need and use the resources gained this way to earn free Rust skins. While technically not free, since it requires you to scrap some of the skins you already own, you can use the free Rust skins obtained with other methods in crafting to get a new skin of your own. Whenever you break down a Rust skin, you’ll get a number of materials: wood, cloth, and metal. These resources can later be used to craft skin crates that contain one random item. At the moment, players are able to craft four different crates with their materials:

  • Low-Quality Bag – costs 10 Wood to craft, contains common skins
  • High-Quality Crate – requires 10 Wood and 5 Cloth to create, contains items like Doors, Barriers, and Walls
  • High-Quality Bag – costs 70 Cloth, 5 Wood, and 1 Metal to create, can contain rare Rust skins
  • Weapon Barrel – requires 10 Metal, 5 Wood, and 5 Cloth to make, contains skins for weapons in Rust, as well tools and other assorted items

Although crafting requires you to scrap some of the items you already own, it’s also one of the easiest methods to earn free skins in Rust. With crafting, you can turn item skins you don’t need into new, fresh Rust skins for your Steam inventory. If you’re lucky, you can even open a rare Rust skin from any of the bags, and earn a lot of money!

  1. Twitch Drops

Facepunch Studios has established a Twitch partnership, thanks to which Rust players can earn skin drops for free by simply watching their favorite streamer. Twitch drops are a great way to earn free Rust skins if you already enjoy watching Twitch streams in your spare time. Keep in mind, however, that Twitch drops are only obtainable during a Twitch drops event, and you will only receive skin drops for watching particular streamers during the event.

To first start earning free Rust skins by watching Twitch, you have to go Facepunch’s Twitch Drop Page and enable Twitch drops for your account. To do this:

  1. Go to Facepunch’s Twitch Drop Page
  2. Link your Twitch account with the Steam ID you use to play Rust
  3. Activate Twitch drops for your account

Once you have the Twitch drops enabled, you should be able to obtain free Rust skins for watching the select streamers during a Twitch drop event.

  1. Rust Skins Giveaways

If you want to get free Rust skins with minimum effort, you can always try participating in one of the many skin giveaways organized regularly by the Rust community. It’s a perfect way to get Rust skins with almost no effort on your side. Rust giveaways are regularly organized by various community websites or content creators as a form of promotion. In most cases, you might have to register a free account on a website or share a post on your social media.

While this is a very easy way to earn free Rust skins, you have to keep in mind that most giveaways are still 100% luck-based. There can be no guarantee that you’ll get a Rust skin, nor is there any way to calculate the odds. Still, entering a free Rust skins giveaway is easy and doesn’t take a lot of effort, so be sure to keep a lookout on any possible giveaways hapening.

  1. Rust Community Servers

Some community servers in Rust feature their own skins drop system, and allow players to earn free Rust skins for simply playing the game on that server. This depends on the individual server, as well as the plug-ins installed, and can often require you to invest a lot of time into playing Rust on that specific server. Still, if you’re looking for a new game server to call your home, if you find one that has enabled some extra skin drops, you can earn free Rust skins for simply playing the game. Community servers rarely offer huge rewards for the playtime invested, but it’s still a nice method to obtain free Rust skins without investing any money.

In Conclusion

Here are some of the best and easiest ways to get free Rust skins, completely legit. However, if you want to trade Rust skins from your inventory for some new items, be sure to check out OPmarket, where you can always get the best deals possible!

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