Many players adore the Spy gameplay in Team Fortress 2, and consider Spy to be their favorite class in the game, mainly thanks to the many flashy moves you can pull off with this character. Spy is mainly known for his impressive takedowns with the powerful backstab, which can easily lead to many big plays.

Spy is arguably the most skill-dependent class in the game, and in the hands of an experienced player an effective Spy can easily turn the tides of the match around. The Spy gameplay is also very unique, and makes for an interesting experience every match.

Like other classes, over the years that the game has existed there were many different Spy items released in the game. Today we’re looking at one of the gun choices for the Spy, and one of the first Spy weapons to be added to the game, ever, the Ambassador.

What Is The Ambassador?

The Ambassador is an alternative handgun, which you can equip in the usual handgun slot for The Spy. The Ambassador actually functions very differently from the vanilla spy handgun, and while it is lacking in some regards when compared to the default revolver, it also comes with a number of additional features. The Ambassador has the following effects:

  • Crits on headshot
  • -15% damage penalty
  • 20% slower firing speed
  • No random critical hits
  • Critical damage is affected by range

If you take a look at this list, you’d notice that it comes with a number of downsides that make it much less useful for normal combat, and instead offer you an alternative to the usual backstab. This is because The Ambassador was released in an update called ‘Bloodfeud in the Badlands: Sniper versus Spy’. The update featured a number of items, which allowed snipers to mitigate some Spy abilities and vice versa. One of the items added in this update, the Razorback, was a shield for the Sniper, which protected him from a single backstab attempt. In order for the Spy to fight against this shield, he was given the Ambassador, so that he can still kill fast and stealthily, without having to resort to backstabbing.

How To Use The Ambassador?

Although the Ambassador might look slightly weak on paper, in reality, it’s a great choice of a gun for the Spy, and allows you to execute the standard Spy approach of stealthy kills much better. While the weapon might be less useful in a standard 1 on 1 fight, if you’re a Spy player, chances are you already know, that Spy is one of the weakest fighters in the game. Most of the time, if caught out of cloak, you will die almost instantly against any of the classes in the game (maybe outside of Medic, and even a skilled Medic will make quick work out of you). Because of this, if you’re a skilled Spy, you might find, that the Ambassador actually works much better for you than the standard Spy handgun.

One obvious tip is that you should never try to engage other players head-on when using the Ambassador. Instead, you should consider it as an alternative to your backstab. Generally speaking, the Ambassador significantly expands your repertoire of moves, allowing you to pull off even more Stealthy kills.

  • You can use the Ambassador to eliminate Snipers with shields on their backs
  • The Ambassador can be used to take out characters you can’t reach with your backstab
  • If you’re a good shot, the Ambassador can also be used to no-scope other characters, and at very long range is actually quite useful for taking out Medics, provided you fire the bullets accurately and score headshots.

As you can see, the Ambassador is a very useful gun. In fact, it only makes your stealth capabilities better and allows for more impressive kills. All you have to do, is stand in one place for a moment until you can take your shot, and pull the trigger. However, keep in mind, that while the gun is perfect for taking out snipers, engineers and other support classes, it doesn’t kill automatically like the backstab. This means that if you decide to use the Ambassador on a Heavy or a Pyro, there’s a chance that they might simply turn around and take you out, before you manage to kill them.

How To Get The Ambassador?

The Ambassador is a fairly common item in Team Fortress 2, so if you want to get one for yourself, it can be done very easily. If you want to get the Ambassador, there are a couple of ways you can do it:

Complete Spy Achievements

The Ambassador can be unlocked for free, without paying a single dime. All you have to do is complete any of the 5 different Spy achievements, and you will be instantly rewarded with an Ambassador of your own.


If you want to unlock the Ambassador specifically, you should know that trying to craft it isn’t exactly the best idea. You don’t really know which of the different Spy handguns you’ll unlock. Still, if you want to try your luck, you can combine a Spy class token, a secondary slot token, and some scrap metal to receive one of the different Spy pistols.

Purchase it on OPmarket

If you can’t be bothered with crafting or unlocking achievements, you can always simply buy TF2 items on OPmarket. The website is one of the best third-party markets for Steam items currently available online. All you need to do is create a free account on the website, and you can start trading TF2 items for best prices with other players, anytime and anywhere. If you’re looking for a cheap Ambassador of your own, OPmarket is the perfect choice!

To Sum Up

Here is everything you should know about this alternative Spy handgun. Want to learn more about Team Fortress 2 and all its different weapons? Be sure to check out our blog for all the regular updates we post!

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