Dota 2 New Map: What Has Changed

Patch 7.33 has been possibly one of the most ground-breaking updates added to the game in a long time. Besides various balance changes, the patch has completely changed one of the key aspects of the game – the map itself. While the previous patches have introduced some changes to the map, such as new juking ... Read More

What Is The TF2 Black Rose Knife?

TF2 is one of the longest-running online shooters in the history of the genre, with many significant changes introduced over the years that span the game’s existence. The game has revolutionized Steam by introducing inventories and trading, as well as many different game modes that came and gone over the years. Perhaps the most important ... Read More

M9 Bayonet: The Best CS:GO Knife Explained

CS:GO is full of incredible knives, all of which have their own crowds of devoted fans. They represent some of the most expensive weapons in the game, and players love to show them off on the maps. However, there is one that seems to have a bigger following than the rest. The M9 Bayonet is said to be ... Read More

How To Get Tf2 Conscientious Objector

Team Fortress 2 offers players many types of customization. It was the first Steam game that included cosmetic items and an extensive economy. Over the years there have been many items added to the game, both hats and weapons which you can use to replace the default equipment of all classes. Since there were so ... Read More

How To Check Your Dota 2 Inventory Value

Dota 2 is one of the Steam games, which have a large market of different skins and items for the players to trade for and equip. There is a large selection of different weapons, mounts, and armor for different heroes. Players in Dota 2 can modify almost any part of their hero’s look, which means ... Read More