How To Make Money On CSGO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular online games currently available on the market, with a huge community of players competing all over the world. Since the early days of CS 1.6, the Counter Strike franchise has been one of the most popular game series for the PC. With hundreds of thousands ... Read More

Dota 2 Carry Tier List For 2023

Dota 2 is a highly competitive online game, with players facing off in two teams of five, with each team trying to take down the enemy ancient and destroy their base. Each team composition features a number of different heroes that fulfill different roles in the match, however, the star player of every team in ... Read More

TF2: Najlepsze czapki dla wszystkich klas

TF2 było jedną z pierwszych gier, które wprowadziły złożony system handlu, craftingu i przedmiotów kosmetycznych. Była to również pierwsza gra, która wprowadziła koncepcję przedmiotów Steam i ekwipunku oraz korzystała z systemu losowych przedmiotów, co stało się klasycznym elementem platformy Steam. Pozwoliła ona graczom na wymianę i sprzedaż przedmiotów TF2 za prawdziwe pieniądze. Odkąd aktualizacja, która ... Read More

Best Rust Hazmat Skins

If you’re one of the veteran Rust players with lots of experience, you probably already know that Hazmat suit is easily one of the most efficient and best armor sets available in the game. Taking up only one slot in your inventory, Hazmat suit is a versatile armor, providing resistance, protection and taking up little ... Read More

What Is A Universal Hero: Dota 2 Guide

Since the dawn of the MOBA genre, Dota has featured three types of heroes: strength, agility, or intelligence. Every hero fell into one of the three different categories, and each category had a more or less specific theme. Agility heroes were mostly made up of various carries, intelligence heroes were either support or magic damage ... Read More

What Are The CS:GO Ranks?

CS:GO is one of the most popular online games, where players regularly compete against one another in online matches. CSGO players strive to be the best among all gamers, which isn’t an easy task considering how many players the game has. The competitive matches can get really serious, especially at high skill level, where big ... Read More

How To Use The TF2 Strangifier

Over the years since the game was released, TF2 developers have introduced a large number of different items to the game, with many different ranks and variants. Because of this, Team Fortress 2 quickly became the game of choice for many collectors, who were looking for rare in-game items. Players can have their choice from ... Read More