Over the last couple of months, Counter Strike 2 has been on the mouths of all the gamers in the world. This big update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive will essentially turn it into a completely new game, porting the classic online shooter to the new and improved Source 2 engine.

The new engine will bring a lot of changes, such as improved lighting and new weapon models. The update might also bring some new features to the gameplay and revamp some old ones, but this isn’t the most important feature in the new version of the game. The one question that everyone is asking themselves is – what will happen to my skins in Counter Strike 2?

Will My Skins Be Available In Counter Strike 2?

If you’re worried about what will happen to your expensive CSGO inventory when Valve will finally release the full version of CS2, we got good news! All your weapon skins and cosmetic items will carry over to CS2! You definitely won’t lose any skins that are tied to your Steam account.

When Counter Strike 2 finally releases, all of your CS:GO items will automatically carry over to the new version of the game. When the update that changes CSGO into CS2 goes live, all of the items in your inventory will automatically transfer to a new Counter Strike 2 tab. You will be able to immediately start using all of your skins in the new version of the game, as well as trade CSGO skins to other players.

Although all of your items will carry over to the new version of the game, one thing you have to keep in mind is that new high-resolution models and improved textures will definitely affect how many of the weapon finishes look in-game. This can in turn affect the prices of your items in the new version of the game. New models, textures and the lightning engine will not only change how the game looks, but will most likely also affect the skin market. Because of this, many players worry whether they’ll benefit from the change, or will their skins drop in price. If you want to buy CSGO skins, keep in mind that the CS2 update will definitely cause the prices to change.

While it’s possible to try out your skins in some of the test versions of Counter Strike 2, it’s not really possible to predict the final prices of any of the old skins in the new version of the game. If you’re worried about how your skins might drop or rise in price, you will have to wait for the final version of CS 2 to drop.

Will There Be New Skins In Counter Strike 2?

Yes, Counter Strike 2 will give a free upgrade too all of your skins, but there most likely will be new skins released for the game in the nearest future. Although we don’t know specific details about any new skins in Counter Strike 2, it’s sure that Valve will add new weapon skins in CS2. What will happen to skins that are already in the game? They will be ported to the new weapon models.

While we don’t know when exactly will Valve add new weapon skins to CS2, we can expect that new skins will appear in the first patch to CS2. The first patch will most likely include a number of new skins, as well as a new weapon cases containing them.

In Conclusion

If you’re wandering about what will happen to your skins, you can stay safe. Not only will your skins stay in your inventory, but they might even look better with new weapon models. If you want to buy, trade or sell CS2 skins, be sure to check out OPmarket, where you can always get the best deals possible!

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