Whether you’re a seasoned sniper desiring to add that flawless AWP skin to your collection, or you’re just a beginner looking for cheap, aesthetically pleasing AWP skins, you’re in the right place! With the balance between quality and price in mind, we offer a curation of the most affordable AWP skins – options that you can get without breaking the bank. Get ready to up your Counter Strike game with these hand-picked skins, featuring everything from the battle-scarred Wildfire to the impressive AWP Hyper Beast.

AWP | Safari Mesh

Our list of the top 10 cheap AWP skins in CS2 starts with the AWP | Safari Mesh. Fans looking for the cheapest AWP skins might appreciate Safari Mesh’s wild and rugged aesthetic. Its simple design adds a jungle vibe to the AWP sniper rifle. Safari Mesh in minimal wear quality just might be a perfect option for those who value style on a budget. If you want a cheap AWP skin that fits the more traditional Counter Strike aesthetic, AWP | Safari Mesh is what you need.

  • Flavor text: A predator is a predator, no matter the environment
  • Lowest Steam price: $0.17
  • Available in collection: Lake collection
  • First added: December 2013

AWP | Worm God

Next, we have the AWP Worm God. This AWP skin adds an intimidating aesthetic to your sniper rifle with its skeletal motif – bones, skulls, and roots feature on the body. Despite its awesome design, it maintains a pretty good price for minimal wear and field-tested quality. AWP | Worm God is one of the most popular AWP skins due to its awesome price-to-quality ratio. It’s one of the best AWP skins you can get in this price range. If you want a Worm God of your own, you can easily get one for less than $2.

  • Flavor text: There are some roots you don’t want to take hold
  • Lowest Steam price: $1.59
  • Drops from case: Chroma 2 weapon case
  • First added: April 2015

AWP | Fever Dream

The AWP Fever Dream often pops up when discussing the best cheap AWP skins. The Fever Dream features an awesome and colorful design, which is also available at reasonable prices. It’s a fantastic option if you’re interested in eye-catching skins without burning a hole in your wallet. THis AWP skin features many graphic details, which look great when inspected in-game and add some additional character to an already iconic gun.

  • Flavor text: Delirium is a dangerous thing
  • Lowest Steam price: $7.79
  • Drops from case: Spectrum Case
  • First added: March 2017

AWP | Atheris

The AWP Atheris, undeniably an affordable skin, is easily one of the best AWP skins you can land in this price range. Featuring a striking serpent-inspired design, this cheap AWP skin adds a cool factor to your game. This skin is a must-have for players fond of a green aesthetic body with an unbeatable price. Gamers who sell CS2 (CS:GO) skins often demand less than $2 for this beauty.

  • Flavor text: As deadly as it is beautiful.
  • Lowest Steam price: $1.96
  • Drops from case: Prisma Case
  • First added: March 2019

AWP | Mortis

When it comes to affordable yet best AWP skins, the AWP Mortis is a commendable choice. It’s one of the best weapon skins you can get for such a low price. This skin features a haunting skeletal design that’s sure to spook out your opponents. This unique skin has established itself as one of the most loved cheap AWP skins. If you’re looking for darker-themed skins, AWP | Mortis is exactly what you need for your CS2 inventory.

  • Flavor text: Every end is a new beginning.
  • Lowest Steam price: $2.00
  • Drops from case: Clutch Case
  • First added: February 2018

AWP | Elite Build

The AWP Elite Build is a dream come true for anyone looking for stylish, but simple designs for their AWP skins. This skin, with its cutting-edge design and affordable price tag, is perfect for new players looking for cheap but cool skin options. It features a dark gray body, covered with many orange details, which can be inspected in-game. If you want a nice AWP skin, that won’t be too flashy, AWP Elite Build is what you need.

  • Flavor text: Chase Turner was a great man… you have big shoes to fill – The Phoenix and The Initiate, Part 1
  • Lowest Steam price: $13.74
  • Drops from case: Operation Wildfire case
  • First added: February 2016

AWP | Wildfire

The AWP Wildfire sets every gameplay on fire with its fierce and aggressive design. Although it’s one of the more expensive weapon skins on this list, you can still purchase a Battle-Scarred version of AWP Wildfire for a reasonable price. It’s also one of those skins, which can sometimes even look better in lower float values since the worn-out design meshes well with the fiery details. If you want to buy CS2 (CS:GO) skins for your AWP and not break the bank, Wildfire is what you need.

  • Flavor text: The nail that sticks out gets the hammer
  • Lowest Steam price: $35.31
  • Drops from case: CS20 Case
  • First added: October 2019

AWP | Corticera

Up next is the AWP Corticera. Known for its aesthetically pleasing design, it’s a fan favorite among those in search of the cheapest AWP skins. As strange as it might sound in CS2, if you’re a fan of a hippy aesthetic, Corticera is the skin for you. It features a blue body, with beautiful drawings of flowers and a tree root. It’s also one of the cheapest AWP skins in the game, so consider adding it to your AWP skin collection.

  • Flavor text: N/a
  • Lowest Steam price: $12.91
  • Drops from case: eSports 2014 summer case
  • First added: June 2014

AWP | Acheron

The AWP | Acheron is the embodiment of death and decay. Its skeletal artwork and soft crimson hues lend a grotesque yet beautiful quality to your weapon. This skin, with minimal wear or field tested quality, is a perfect blend of budget-friendliness and style. If you want an edgier and darker skin for your sniper rifle, AWP Acheron is what you need.

  • Flavor text: A weapon of woe
  • Lowest Steam price: $9.18
  • Available in collection: Nuke collection
  • First added: September 2018

AWP | Hyper Beast

To cap off our list of cheap AWP skins is the AWP Hyper Beast. This skin encapsulates the true essence of a beast with its vibrant, eye-catching design. Despite being one of the more expensive options on this list, it remains an affordable, cost-effective choice for many. You can get the well-worn version for less than $30, and it still features a visible artwork of the trademark Hyper beast.

  • Flavor text: You really want to impress me Booth? Make this black light sensitive – Rona Sabri, Rising Star
  • Lowest Steam price: $25.67
  • Drops from case: Falchion Weapon Case
  • First added: May 2015

In Conclusion

Here are some of the cheapest AWP skins you can get for your CS2 inventory today! Remember, that if you want to trade CS2 skins for AWP or any other of your favorite guns, you can always get them for the best prices available at OPmarket!

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