Understanding the Dota 2 item rarity is essential for any player, new or old. This game isn’t just about playing; it’s also about showcasing your heroes in the most impressive way possible. Having the rarest items is the perfect way to flaunt your general style.

With so many different awesome Dota 2 skins, it can be difficult to wrap your head around it. This is exactly why we have prepared this guide! Here at OPmarket we present a quick guide to the Dota 2 item rarity system!


First, let’s start with the basics, the Common items. Just as the name suggests, these items are quite ordinary and can be frequently dropped after a game or can be purchased for a small price in the marketplace. Even though they’re common, these items can significantly affect the appearance of your heroes. Some of the common items can have very impressive looks, although they lack the pretty particle effects of rare skins. Common items also don’t change anything about the hero’s animations or ability icons, but they can still form a basis of great loadout. Most common items are worth less than $0.10, and you should have no problem finding the items you need. These are generally the cheapest Dota 2 items in the game.


Next up are the Uncommon items. As the name suggests, these items are slightly harder to come by compared to Common items, but they are still relatively cheap and can be mostly purchased on the Steam marketplace without any issues. The quality and aesthetics of these skins are also more detailed. Uncommon Dota 2 items can sometimes completely change the style of the hero, allowing you to add a new and fresh look to some of your favorite Dota 2 characters. Like common items an Uncommon skin doesn’t change a hero’s abilities or animations, but they can still provide some awesome aesthetics.


Moving up the rarity scale, we find the Rare category. Rare skins are sought after by many players, as they stand out more than Common or Uncommon skins. These skins often come with unique particle effects, adding more life to your hero when playing. Many rare items in Dota 2 are also not part of any item set, and instead provide an individual visual upgrade to your hero. Rare Dota 2 items can have all kinds of impressive looks. Some rare skins even change the ability animations and icons for your hero. Most importantly, rare skins are the lowest rarity in which Dota 2 couriers appear. The price of these rare skins can vary, but generally, they’re more expensive than the Common and Uncommon skins. While some less popular rare Dota 2 items can be rather cheap, the more commonly purchased items can cost hundreds of dollars.


Mythical is where the Dota 2 item rarity gets more interesting. These skins transform your heroes appearance into something more impressive, typically involving vibrant particle effects. Mythical Dota 2 skins that can be equipped to heroes very often stand out in a match with their awesome visual effects, and are almost impossible to miss. A Mythical Dota 2 skin will definitely give your hero an awesome, refreshed look. Also, the Mythical category One well-loved Mythical skin is the Baby Roshan courier, an adorable and iconic character in the game. Prices of mythical items can vary greatly, some players who trade Dota 2 items demand a lot of money for certain skins, while others are almost dirt-cheap.


Legendary items are another category of rare items that are available in Dota 2. These skins significantly change the look and feel of your heroes or courier, with extravagant particle effects. Because these items are rare and almost always in a high demand, you can expect to pay a lot of money for even a single legendary item. Most of the legendary items that are available in the game are worth are worth between couple of hundred to couple of thousand dollars. Some famous legendary items include Tsukumo The Moon Cloud, a legendary mount for Mirana.


Immortal items are generally the last rarity you can open in standard Dota 2 treasures. These are some of the most expensive Dota 2 items in the game, each offering a varied and unique look to the hero that equips it. These skins are often released in a limited quantity during major Dota 2 events, like The International. Most immortal skins include significant changes to abilities and animations of the hero that equips them, often giving a compete visual overhaul. Some of the most popular immortal skins include Golden Silent Wake for the Drow Ranger, a rare skin featuring golden feathers on a mantle.


Arcanas are some of the most visually impressive items in the game, and are generally not obtainable via tresures, but have to either be purchased at a store, from antoher player who wants to sell Dota 2 items, or unlocked via the battlepass. Arcanas include all the new skins, that completely change the look of your hero. Arcans most often introduce a new mode, new animation, new skill icons, and even new voicelines for your favorite hero! Even better, you can combine arcanas with other items, to create visually impressive skins for your favorite heroes!


The highest level of Dota 2 item rarity is Ancient. There are only a few of these items in the game’s history, and most players will msot likely never see an Ancient item in their Dota 2 career. Ancient Dota 2 items include skins, which were obtainable only during a certain promotional even in the game, and can no longer be obtained through normal ways. These mostly include items, which were released as a promo for some of the earliest Dota 2 tournaments. A single ancient item can significantly increase your Dota 2 inventory value.

In Conclusion

Here is everything you have to know about the Dota 2 rarity system. Whether you want to collect the rarest items or just want to find a perfect skin to match with your heroes’ abilities, knowing the differences between the rarities can certainly help you achieve it. If you want to learn more about Dota 2 skins, check out the rest of our blog, and if you want to buy Dota 2 skins of any rarity for the best prices, make sure to check out OPmarket!

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