Fixed: TF2 crashing when joining the server

Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular online games in history, and it still remains one of the most popular shooters currently available in the market. The F2P update has only attracted more gamers to TF2 and cemented its status as a cult classic. In addition, Team Fortress 2 was the game that ... Read More

Best M4A4 Skins

For veteran players and novices alike, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on high-quality, visually stunning and game transforming M4A4 skins. With the release of CS2, many skins received a refreshed look, and players are flocking to buy CS2 (CS:GO) skins for the best prices. The M4A4, a full auto assault ... Read More

Most Expensive TF2 Items

Like many other Steam games, Team Fortress 2 features many different items that players can use to modify their looks. The game is most famous for its large selection of cosmetic TF2 hats, but over the years Valve has added many other cosmetic items, that allow players to further modify their looks. Cosmetic items aren’t ... Read More

Dota 2 All Roles Guide

Dota 2 is a highly competitive online game, where a single team fight can decide the outcome of any match. Because of this, teamwork is the most important part of any successful strategy. While the game gives players a lot of flexibility regarding where on the map and how they want to play, Dota 2 ... Read More

AWP Guide CS2

Welcome to the extensive AWP Guide CS2, where we will delve deep into the details of mastering the Arctic Warfare Police (AWP) sniper rifle in Counter-Strike. This SEO-optimized guide is designed to equip players, whether novices or seasoned veterans, with the knowledge and strategies needed to dominate with the AWP. Explore the world of this ... Read More

How To Get Free Rust Skins: Legit Guide

Rust is one of the most popular games on Steam, with many players trying to survive together on a post-apocalyptic island. In Rust, players have to gather resources, build bases, and even fight other players to survive as long as they can. The game doesn’t offer any ending or a mission – the sole goal ... Read More

Best TF2 Rocket Launcher For Soldier

Soldier is one of the most popular TF2 classes, both gaming newbies and experienced players. He’s a versatile class, capable of both dealing out lots of damage and quickly maneuvering around the field. Soldier’s loadout allows him to play versatile roles in the game, whether it’s dealing damage or taking objectives. Soldier’s awesome and versatile ... Read More

Is Counter Strike 2 Free To Play?

If you have an account on Steam, there’s almost no way that you didn’t get the message that Counter-Strike is going free to play. It’s true, Counter Strike is free to play for anyone who owns a Steam account, however, the free-to-play version includes some limitations for the players. So, is Counter Strike free to ... Read More

The Best Weapon Skins for Your CS2 Inventory

CS:GO has been one of the most popular online games for over a decade now, with a huge community worldwide and a thriving eSports scene to boot. Weapon skins in CS:GO play a particularly important role, and for many players its the main reason that they play the game to begin with. Over the years ... Read More

How To Get Rust Console Skins?

Rust is a very popular online game and is currently available on multiple platforms. There are some significant differences between the two platforms, many of them more than just mere visual details. The console version of Rust lacks the complex skin economy, that’s available on the PC Steam version. This doesn’t mean, however, that Rust ... Read More

Dota 2 Ranks: Quick Guide

Like many other online competitive games, Dota 2 features a ranking system, which groups players in different brackets based on their individual skills and how well they manage in an average-ranked game. In competitive matches, the ranking system matches players based on their matchmaking rank, in order to keep the games balances and allows players ... Read More

TF2 Best All Class Hats

TF2 was one of the first games ever to introduce a complex system of trading, crafting and cosmetic items. It was also the first game which has introduced the concept of Steam items and inventory, which has quite obviously stuck well with the platform. Since the update which introduced new items to Team Fortress 2 ... Read More